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Top 10 Tips for Relocating to Louisville

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As with our other Top 10 Lists, here at LHB we want to make sure you have the best possible information.

Relocating from one city to another is a major life change and can bring along a great deal of stress. Follow these helpful tips and you'll be better prepared and far more relaxed... we promise.

1. Be Financially Smart

Not all cities are created equal, especially when it comes to their cost of living. Before you purchase a home make sure you'll be financially prepared to live in this new city. Money Magazine's Cost of Living Calculator makes it easy to see how a particular salary compares from one city to the next. Louisville typically favors very well against most of country.

2. Scout the Schools

If you have children, I'm sure you want them to attend the best possible schools. Your Realtor® can help you find a home in the district of the school you desire to send them. The Wikipedia has a very thorough list of schools in Louisville that you can browse on your own. (See also my own Louisville Schools page.) You can also check out the Jefferson County Public Schools site for more information. Depending on current enrollment, certain schools are near full capacity. If you want to get your child into one of these schools, it's good to be proactive and submit the appropriate paperwork early to give your student the best possible opportunity to be accepted.

3. Check Out the Fun

There's a lot to do in any city. Finding the best activities that fit your interests will get you off to a great start. Moxy.tv has started a big stir with their short video clips that focus on Louisville's local scene. Sites like the Courier-Journal's Scene cover events and entertainment, in addition to the typical news items. Louisville is known for its world famous horse racing. Churchill Downs has both spring and fall meets that attract thousands of racing fans. Fourth Street Live is a fun way to spend an evening with great restaurants, clubs and recreational activities.

4. Make a To Do List

Once you've bought your home, it pays to be organized. A To Do List will help you keep track of the little details and cover all the bases. Start with items that can be done early in the process, such as planning for temporary housing if you can't immediately move into your new home when you arrive in Louisville. Then list other tasks chronologically, so that you'll be able to chart your progress all the way up to moving day. A To Do list will help bring some sanity into the craziness of moving.

5. Ask For Help

Moving is a big job. It makes sense to ask friends or family members to help with certain jobs. Have someone take your children out for pizza while you are packing up your home. Then there's the always unpopular request for help actually lifting boxes into the van. Consider yourself lucky if you have these loyal helpers because it'll make the job a lot more fun. If you know someone who already lives in Louisville, they can help by visiting properties and reporting important information back to you. When it comes to moving, the more the merrier.

6. Find the Right Moving Company

When the day of the move finally comes, the last thing you want is for your movers to let you down. The cost of entry into the moving business isn't especially large, so there are a good number of relatively new or unknown moving companies vying for your business. Sites like Epinions can help you learn what others thought of their moving company and whether or not they'd use them again. It's also a wise move to check with the Better Business Bureau, who can alert you to complaints against companies in the area.

7. Need New Necessities?

Moving to Seattle? Better buy an umbrella or three. What about Louisville? One of the grand things about Louisville is that we get to experience all four of the seasons. Summers aren't generally blistering hot like the Southwest but have temperatures that average in the mid-to-high 70s, while our Winters average above 32 degrees. So if you're coming from another region and you're not accustomed to the changing of the seasons, you might need to stock up on warm sweaters or several new swimsuits.

8. Make Utility Appointments

There are usually a million and one things to remember when moving, so why not set up your utility appointments ahead of time? Some people would rather be without food than their television, so if this describes you, contact either Louisville's local cable provider—TimeWarner— or Dish Network or DirecTV for satellite service. Here are some additional utility contacts you'd likely want to contact ahead of time:

9. Temporary Housing

Some times it's not possible to move directly into your new home and you need temporary housing. Thanks to the Internet, Web sites like Apartments.com make it easy to find information about Louisville apartments. Other options include Extended Stay Hotels or corporate housing with a group like Oakwood that will have you living in style while you wait for your new home to become available.

10. Change Your Address

Make sure to complete the appropriate form with the United States Post Office so that you're mail will be forwarded from the previous address.

We hope these tips have sparked your thinking. If you have any great tips of your own, please post them in the comments below. We wish you the best possible move to Louisville!

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