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Giving Back to the Louisville Community

I love Louisville! There, I said it.

This city has been my home for coming up on 50 years. Whenever I see postive news about my city, I want to tell the world. When I see a problem here, I want to fix it. (Follow me on Twitter if you like, @TrePryor.)

I also love music... always have. From early on, my love of music has played a major role in my daily mindset.

From the song I hear when my alarm clock wakes me up, to the music I hear as I drive to my real estate appointments, it's all important and essential to how I live each day.

Supporting the Louisville Community throughGiving To WAY-FM

Our family decided years ago to support WAY-FM financially. We believe in their mission of encouragement to those in need. Which, as it turns out, is all of us.

Who doesn't need encouragment?

When I began my Louisville real estate business in 2006, I decided to become a WAY-FM Business Impact Partner. Again, more so because I believe in the power of positive music and how it affects us consistently throughout the day.

Tre Pryor Partners with WAY-FM

Now, I have an exciting announcement!

Starting November 1st, every real estate deal that I complete, I will donate $250 to WAY-FM.

To take it a step further, if you choose me to be your Louisville Realtor because of my support of WAY-FM, then for your new home purchase or sale, I will donate $500!

I believe in the ministry of WAY-FM and how the message of their music promotes hope and love. It is my desire to see them continue to positively influence Louisville.

If you're interested, visit their Stories of Inpact page to listen to some people share how WAY-FM has greatly benefited their lives.

If you have any questions about me, my services or how this new program works, please feel free to contact me.
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