4 Reasons to Hire Foundation Experts Before Buying or Selling

Have you considered hiring foundation experts in Louisville before buying or selling a home or commercial building? If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market (or are looking for an investment property) you’re already under enough stress. Just think about all that is associated with a move. If so, why rack up one more expense by consulting with a foundation contractor?

Photo of some contractors with their truck

There are many good reasons to hire a contractor before selling a property. Foundation experts are no different. If you suspect that your home might have foundation problems, having it inspected is a smart decision. You might avoid major problems during the sale.

As you interview multiple foundation experts, make sure to ask:

  • How many years have you been in the business?
  • Are you properly licensed and have contractor insurance?
  • Please share some references of recently helped homeowners.

It’s really up to you to do your due diligence before hiring the best company.

1. Completed Repairs Is Simply Good Marketing

To sell your home for the most money possible, you want to ensure your home makes the best presentation possible. To that end, you need to give the house a thorough cleaning. Perhaps even repaint a few walls or replace worn cabinets, flooring, and other materials.

However, a home in disrepair will not fetch a top price no matter how clean and pretty it is. Buyers want a home that’s not just pretty but is also in great overall condition. Most buyers don’t want to face repairs right after moving in. This is especially true when it comes to a structure’s foundation. A strong foundation is the most important structural factor for a home’s long life.

Hiring a foundation expert to evaluate your home’s foundation allows you to repair problems and sell for more. Otherwise, you’ll be selling a house in poor condition for less. If the foundation is strong and stable, you can also advertise that it’s in excellent condition. In turn, your property will make the best impression on prospective buyers, increasing the risk of receiving more offers and higher bids.

2. A Strong Foundation Means No Surprises

Mortgage lenders typically require a property appraisal before signing off on a loan. The appraiser looks at everything. If there are issues with the foundation, a lender might lower the amount they’ll loan a buyer, or withdraw their loan offer altogether.

The selling process can then be stalled while a prospective buyer looks for another lender. Or they may withdraw their offer altogether. Selecting one of the foundation experts before you even put your home on the market can mean avoiding these risks and unpleasant surprises.

If the foundation expert finds severe damage, you can advertise your home as-is, work with a cash buyer specializing in distressed properties, or schedule repairs, rather than seeing the sales process stalled because you didn’t realize the foundation was damaged.

Knowing the condition of your foundation means you won’t face any unpleasant surprises while trying to sell. Knowing this before you list might mean pushing your listing date further into the future so that you can address the problem first.

3. Why Hire Foundation Experts Before Buying

There are obviously some very good reasons to hire a foundation inspector before selling a property, but what about before buying? After all, a home inspector will typically go over that property before closing and give you a report on its condition, so why consider hiring an outside expert?

One consideration is that home inspectors are generalists. This means they know a little bit about a lot of things. They aren’t experts on any single topic. They are also very familiar with local building codes. If your home inspector notes a possible problem with the foundation on the home you’re looking to buy, it’s time to bring in a foundation expert.

These experts understand what a foundation crack means. Whether that crack is superficial or actually a major problem.

They’re also knowledgeable about wood rot, mold, and other ancillary things that a home inspector may not include in their report. Hiring a foundation expert to inspect the foundation and look for secondary damage allows you to make a better-informed purchasing decision. Replacing rotted framing, mold cleanup, and other repairs can be costly! If the structure has a damaged foundation, cracked walls, mold, and the like, you can lower your offer for that property or withdraw your offer altogether.

4. Foundation Experts Can Inspect Other Repairs

Sellers are typically required to disclose certain repairs performed on a property. This can include foundation repair which might not show up on a standard home inspection report. A foundation expert can inspect previous foundation repairs and evaluate their quality and workmanship. If the foundation is still in good condition after those repairs, and if those repairs might need to be repeated over time.

Having this information on hand as a seller can help assure potential buyers of your property’s condition. You’ll be less likely to lose buyers afraid of purchasing a home with past foundation damage if a foundation expert reports that those repairs and the foundation itself are in good condition currently and should stay in good condition for years.

Hiring a foundation expert also allows you to make an informed decision as a buyer. Many foundation repair options last for decades, but only if the repair contractor used high-quality materials and expert workmanship. Your repair expert can evaluate the work and materials used, and then inform you of the foundation’s overall condition. Then you can adjust your offer or even walk away from the property if needed.

Keep these points in mind if you’re thinking of buying or selling a home or other property. Foundation experts in Louisville can offer a wealth of helpful information to both buyers and sellers, so everyone can make an informed decision about the property in question.