4 Keys to Manage Your Property Effectively as a Busy Landlord 

Real estate is one of the finest investments that anyone can have. Property is an immovable asset that tends to appreciate in value over time. Assuming you take adequate care of the land or property, you can generally expect its value to be preserved. Property is a desirable investment because it can be an income-generating asset. You can put your property up for rent, on a lease contract, or even as vacation accommodation. However, as the landlord, following these four keys is a must if you want to manage your property effectively.  

Real estate housing icons graphic
If you’re looking to manage your property effectively you must put these best practices into place and then follow them regularly.
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The 4 Keys to a Clutter-Free Home 

Whatever the inspiration behind your urge to have a clutter-free home, the truth is starting can put you in a pinch, being one of the hardest places to start. All the more, it’s true when you’re looking at your home right now, and it looks like it can use a lot of help. Then, once you’ve successfully tackled all the cleaning and decluttering, there’s another obstacle to go through in maintaining it.  

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It’s worth the work to enjoy the feeling of a clutter-free home.
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Want a Home Value Increase? Here Are 6 Proven Ways!

If you own a house, you should know that it is a significant investment, especially if you consider selling it later. There are many different ways you can realize a home value increase. The following are suggestions that are proven to increase your property value if you do them correctly. Then when the time comes to sell, your financial return will be a lot higher.

Photo of a contractor sawing wood for a renovation
Getting a home value increase will require some work. But it doesn’t have to be expensive.
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How to Add to Your Property’s Value with a Backyard Remodel

The key to unlocking the potential value of your property is by making desirable improvements. A successful backyard remodel will increase the value of your real estate and make it more appealing to potential buyers. If the buyers like what you’ve done, you can be sure that you’ll get a larger offer price.

Photo of a private wooded backyard.
If you have a backyard this beautiful, you definitely want to make the most of it. | Photo: Tre Pryor
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What Causes a Real Estate Bubble?

While investors in the stock market agree and anticipate the high risks of this investment portfolio, real estate investors often assume that the value of their properties won’t decrease by much. This isn’t entirely wrong. There are a few times that a real estate bubble will form and cause similar extreme volatility as other investments. However, the housing market occasionally undergoes a period of irrational exuberance that precedes low demand and prices.

Overhead photo of a neighborhood of houses by the water
The real estate bubble is caused by multiple factors including supply and demand. | Photo by June
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House vs Condo: Which is Right for You?

The moment when you decide to buy a home for yourself, the question arises – which is better, a house or a condo? No one will give you an unambiguous answer to this question. You need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the house vs condo. That’s what this article is all about!

Photo of a living room in a condo
When looking at the house vs condo debate, size is one of the more important factors.
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Can Anyone Apply for a Property Tax Loan?

Many homeowners are struggling to pay their taxes in America today. With inflation at record levels and the Federal government maintaining high taxes, it’s a challenge to make ends meet. Some need help to either stay in their home. However, as many people know, getting a loan can sometimes be a menial and tricky task to complete. But did you know there’s a thing called a property tax loan?

Photo of a happy couple with a real estate agent
There are many different kinds of loans available today.
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6 Real Estate Listing Types

When making a real estate purchase, both buyers and sellers need to be aware that there are different real estate listing types. Each type of real estate agent listing brings along with it various perks and benefits that consumers should know about when looking for a place to live. In this article, we look at the different types of listings that you should consider when buying a home.

Photo of someone completing a real estate contract
It’s important to fully understand which of the real estate listing types you are signing.
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4 Powerful Ideas If You’re Selling Your Home Soon

Thinking about selling your home soon? Home tours are in your future. Potential buyers will want to see it all. You’ll want to get the best price for your home, so what should you do? Well, your trusted real estate agent will be responsible for the property’s marketing. But you will want to have your home looking its best before buyers start their tours. What should you focus on? Let’s dig in!

Photo of a home in winter
If you’re in the process of selling your home soon, make sure every aspect of your home presents well.
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6 Steps to Make Sure Your Home Pest Free

Nothing is more disturbing and creepy than living with pests in the house. The kitchen, in particular, is the most infested room because there is plenty of food and dirty dishes in different conditions. Dirty spaces lead to infestation from unsanitary and disease-ridden pests. You may notice an increase in pest infestation during heavy rain periods when the weather becomes unbearable and unlivable for most pests. So how do you make sure that your home is pest free?

Photo of a kitchen with new Energy Star appliances
If you want to make sure your home pest free, you need to start with the kitchen.
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The 5 Costs of Selling a Home

When you are selling a property, there are many costs involved that you may have yet to consider. This blog post will discuss the most common costs of selling a home. By understanding these costs, you can be better prepared to handle them when the time comes. Remember that these costs can vary depending on your location and the type of property you are selling. 

Photo of an agent putting a home for sale sign in front of a house
The costs of selling a home are very different than those of buying one. | Photo by Thirdman
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Can Landlords Sue Tenants for Damage to A Rental Property?

Around 34% of the American population currently rents their home. This accounts for 44 million of the 140 million houses stretching across the country. And with many experts predicting US house prices to rise by a further 10% this year alone it’s safe to assume that this number may well increase. With that being the case, conflict is sure to arise. But can landlords sue tenants? We’ll dive into this.

Photo of a couple in conflict
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto
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What Are the Tax Benefits to Buying a House?

Buying a home is a substantial investment and one that comes at a considerable cost. In addition to the purchase price of the property, there are other costs when it comes time to sell. Things like Realtor fees and taxes to pay when selling a house. The good news is that there are also a number of tax benefits to buying a house. These help to offset some of these costs. We’ll look at some of the most common tax deductions for homeowners.

Image of a house made of money
There are a number of tax benefits to buying a house if you know where to find them. | Photo by Kostiantyn Li
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4 Tips for Finding Great Office Space

Finding great office space is critical to your business. It enables you to communicate your business identity, value, and ethos. It also enhances daily operations and boosts staff morale and productivity.  However, choosing an office space that suits your needs and is within your budget can be time-consuming and daunting. If you are in the market for your business office space, here are four tips to help you find a suitable workspace.

Photo of an urban office space
Finding great office space starts with a plan. | Image by StartupStockPhotos
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