Home Improvement & Remodeling Ideas That Increase Your Home’s Value

People watch lots of reality TV shows. And to be fair, they show some great ways for people to increase their home’s value. They make it look really easy. In reality, it’s not that simple. So it’s also smart to read articles like this one to find remodeling ideas that increase your home’s value without being impossible to pull off. 

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There are many factors that can affect your home value, which might not be shown on any tv show. For example, market prices often fluctuate unpredictably. Today’s surprising surge may be tomorrow’s predictable loser. 

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3 Home Improvements That Will Help Sell Your Home Faster

Whether you’ve only just decided that you want to sell your property or you’ve already got it on the market, sometimes homes just don’t sell. What do you do? Read on to learn about some projects that will sell your home faster in Phoenix or anywhere in the world.

Outdoor projects, like improving curb appeal, will always help sell your home faster.

A home that is well looked after will almost definitely be more appealing to buyers than one that is run down. Large projects like converting a garage or adding a screened-in porch can help increase the value of your property and make it more appealing, but there are also some small things you can do to make it sell faster. Below are some of the best things you can do to make your home sell faster.

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What Does It Take to Move?

Thinking about moving? Maybe you’re moving to Louisville? Read on to learn about the things you might not consider but should that we’ve titled, “What Does It Take to Move?”

To move to a new home you need to prepare as seriously as you do for a hike, keep in your head a lot of information, because there will be no time to fix it. We want to share experiences that will simplify the process of preparation and packaging of personal belongings. First of all, make a list of the most important things in your opinion and collect them separately from others.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring Long Distance Movers

When you are moving to a new home, obviously you will need to move all your stuff. As excited as you are about moving there are a lot of things that you need to take care of before being able to relax in your new home. So, are you up for the job? Or, will you be hiring long distance movers to reduce your stress and make things easier? This piece reminds you of what to take into consideration.

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Invest in the Best: Things to Know for Successful Real Estate Investment

So, you are planning to invest in a real estate property. Great! But let’s be clear from the start, you want this to be a successful real estate investment endeavor, correct?

It is always good to make yourself financially secure because you never know when things get wrong on the economic front. You can end up losing a job, or your business can take a dip. In this situation, having a backup investment plan can save you from hitting rock bottom. Real property is a great investment option considering that investing in real estate has created many millionaires worldwide. It can change your life, but for that, you need to make strategic decisions.

Photo of a home in Clifton Louisville Kentucky by Tre Pryor
When you buy investment properties, you are looking at completely things than when you are buying your own home. | Photo by Tre Pryor

You just can’t shove your money in any real estate property that you feel like buying. It is not only a matter of getting the best return on investment (ROI), but it also involves a lot of money that makes it even more important to make a wise decision.

Here are four things you need to consider if you want to be an exceptional real estate investor.

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4 Reasons to Install a Wireless Security System

Our home is meant to be a place of peace. It is where we go to relax and unwind after a long day. It is a safe haven for families to spend their time together. Unfortunately, while property crime and break-ins have decreased rapidly across the USA in recent years, they are still quite prevalent. Learn how to combat crime when you install a wireless security system.

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In fact, a burglary still takes place every 13 seconds in the USA. This can be a worrisome thing for families to consider and deal with. As a result, families should have safeguards in place to protect their homes. Most notably, consider installing a wireless security system. Whether you go with Alarm Grid or another quality provider, there are many good reasons to install a wireless security system. This article is going to take a closer look at a few of them.

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4 Things You Should Know Before Building a House

Most people buy a house that has already been built. The stats back this up. It might be because starting the construction of a new home can be incredibly stressful. That can definitely be the case. So what are the things you should know before building your dream home?

Photo of a builder and a framed house
Building a house is a big deal! There hundreds of moving parts and plenty of ways for a non-reputable builder to take advantage of you.

Building your house should be straightforward and exciting. If you keep the things mentioned below in mind, you can have an incredible journey to a new home. You can also check out G. H. Clark for a guide on building your home

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Turning Your Living Room into a Private Retreat

A retreat offers you a private space where you can withdraw and unwind. In many cases, your private retreat might be a much-needed place to disconnect and recharge. Different people will have different uses for their retreat spaces. Some might prefer their private retreat to be a quiet place to read while others might prefer a personal spa experience.

Photo of a private retreat

The good thing is, no matter how you prefer to use your retreat space, these sorts of spaces can easily be created in your own home with just a few design considerations, and you won’t even have to worry about a full renovation.

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5 Disaster Preparedness Tips Real Estate Buyers Need to Know

Real estate is a good long-term investment because its value increases as the years pass. However, there is an essential factor one has to consider when investing in a property. Disaster preparedness is a topic that most real estate buyers overlook. It is not simply inspecting the structure of the building or assessing the location of potential real estate. Even the most secured area can only take the brunt of an unexpected disaster.  

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The Best Month to Sell Your Home Is May

Here’s a question I get a lot. “What is the best month to sell your home?” The absolute, most accurate answer is, “That depends on your situation.” But without knowing anything about your particulars, and I had to pick one month, it would be May. Here’s why.

Here’s my very own neighborhood of Springhurst. Don’t those Spring flowers look amazing?
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New Generation Prefers Renting Over Buying a Home

Out with the old, in with the new. It is undeniable that each generation has affected the shape of the market differently in its era. Thus, with the Millennials overtaking the market, and with the unfolding of the new generation leaf, Generation Z, marketers have lots of things to consider. So, why are many renting over buying a home?

Photo of a woman eating in bed
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Businesses should know how to approach their consumers. With this said, it is crucial to understand how the new generation thinks when it comes to buying necessities and how they perceive expenses. 

As you delve deeper into this article, you will find out why the newer generations, both Millennials and Generation Z, are often finding an apartment over buying a home.

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Covid-19 and Mortgages: What Will Happen?

2020 has come upon the world with wrath like no other. Uncontrollable fires in California, and Australia, mass flooding, and now the worldwide pandemic Covid-19. We are facing challenges that have not been seen in a long time and this is having very real consequences on the way we live our every day lives, and how we will come out of this disease and back into the normal swing of things. There’s a major question regarding what will happen with Covid-19 and mortgages for the rest of year.

Photo of a mortgage application, pen and calculator
Predicting the future is always full of peril. Trying to predict with will happen with Covid-19 and mortgages is equally challenging.
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6 Kitchen Upgrades to Increase the Value of Your Home

If you want to upgrade the look of your house to entice more potential homebuyers, then the kitchen is the first place to look at. It is the one essential space in the house, as it is where you store your food and cook it. So if you want to increase the value of your home, start in the kitchen.

Photo by Mark McCammon

However, carefully considering the endeavor is essential. What was popular in the past, may not work in today’s home. If you decide to do it, meticulous planning should take place as renovating your whole kitchen is regarded as a bold move since it is one of the first things a potential buyer looks at.

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What You Should Know Before Moving Across The Country

Will you be moving across the country soon? Moving to an entirely new place can be very exciting! You may find that your move gives you a new lease on life. However, there are also some challenges you’ll have to deal with when you are planning your move. 

Photo of a moving company truck
There are a lot of variables when you’re moving across the country. It’s a big deal!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a deep breath and try to stay relaxed. Keep these suggestions in mind, and you can expect your move to go a lot more smoothly.

A Cross-country Move Can Be a Huge Adjustment 

A lot of people underestimate just how much of an impact moving cross country will have on their life. When you move to another part of the country, you won’t just be leaving your family and friends behind. You may be living in an entirely different climate, and you’ll likely be in a new time zone as well. 

If you want to make things easier on yourself, you may want to spend some time visiting the area that you plan on moving to in advance of your move. If this isn’t possible for you, you should try to research the area and get to know it a little bit better. 

Your Favorite Businesses Might Not Be Your New Home 

If you’re based in New England, you might like to do your grocery shopping at Shop ‘N Shop. However, if you move to the midwest, you won’t be able to shop at this popular chain! Instead, you’ll be shopping at stores like Cub Foods and Kroger. 

A lot of businesses don’t have a nationwide presence. When you move, you’ll be leaving many shops and restaurants that you love behind. This means that you’ll have to find new favorites. 

It’s Essential To Stay Organized 

Have you ever lost an item after moving? It isn’t unusual for things to be misplaced during a move. However, you’ll find that losing items is more like to be a problem when you’re moving to a different part of the country. 

That’s why you’ll want to make sure that everything you pack is properly organized. You shouldn’t just toss items into boxes and hope for the best. It would be best if you came up with an organizational system when you’re packing. Try to pack items that belong in the same room together. Always label your boxes so that you know what is being stored where. 

Moving All Of Your Belongings Won’t Be Easy

Packing everything on your own and moving it is never easy. However, you’ll find that it’s a lot harder to move to a new state than it is to move to a new city. Because you’ll have a lot of challenges to deal with, you may not want to handle your move on your own. 

Instead of doing things yourself, you should work with a company that specializes in moving cross country. If you partner with professional movers, you’ll have a much smoother experience. Working with a moving company means you’ll have less to worry about. Movers will be able to handle a lot of the challenges of moving for you, which means you’ll have time left for other tasks.

You’ll Want To Take A Few Days Off

Try to schedule your move so that you’ll have some time to settle into your new home. You won’t want to start your new job on the first day in your new home. Ideally, it would be best if you took a little time off so that you have time to settle in, unpack, and recover from all of the stresses of your move. 

Don’t underestimate how challenging your move is going to be. Take some time off so that you can adjust to your new home. Even taking a few days off can have a significant impact. Don’t push yourself too hard. Remember, moving to a new place takes a lot of hard work, even when you work with movers. 

If you’re going to be movers across the country, you’ll want to make sure that you’re ready to face all of the challenges that are awaiting you. Make sure that you have a plan in place for your move. You’ll want to avoid problems as you move so that you have time to settle into your new place.

Maybe you’re moving to Louisville? I would love to help make your transition as painless as possible. Contact me today!

What You Should Know About Buying an Energy-Efficient House

With homeowners becoming more interested in sustainability and environment-friendly lifestyle, energy-efficient homes are increasingly popular. So what does that mean for homebuyers? Keep reading to learn more about buying an energy-efficient house. 

Photo of a kitchen with new Energy Star appliances
Energy Star appliances are a great starting point but there are many other factors that go into an energy-efficient house.
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