Monthly Comparison: Louisville Home Sales Chart through October 2012

Chart of Jefferson County Home Sales by Month through September 2012
Those teal blue lines are really starting to impress! Another strong month for home sales in Jefferson County, easily beating the previous two years but falling short of the 2009 total.

In Jefferson County, there were 793 homes were sold in October. This represents a 24.3% increase over the previous year when just 638 homes were sold for the month. Only 551 homes were sold during October 2010.

These numbers are for Jefferson County single-family and condos only, not multi-family properties.

The story remains the same, home sales are up for the year as home prices are starting to rebound and normalize. Interest rates are still at historically low levels which makes it a very good time to purchase a home, especially for those renting.

It should be noted that home inventory continues to decline, which starts to push things more in favor of home sellers over home buyers. Condition is still a key factor for home buyers so if you are trying to sell your Louisville home, make sure that all needed repairs have been made and stage the home to show beautifully.

Once you do that, you have a very good chance to sell your home quickly.

Note: This Louisville real estate market report covers the monthly home sales for the past six years in Jefferson County (Louisville, KY) and is published monthly. It can also be found under Housing Reports for Jefferson Co. Sales.