Jefferson County Home Sales Up 9% in October

Jefferson County Home Sales Comparison through October 2014
After a bit of a down year compared to the amazing 2013 numbers, it appeared we would be lower in October too but… nope. It was actually a great month for home sales in Louisville.

I didn’t see that coming! Jefferson County home sales up 9% in October? Are you kidding me?

After a year where sales trailed the previous year, it was expected to follow through into the Holidays. But Louisville home buyers weren’t having any of that.

There were 905 homes sold in Louisville during October 2014 compared to just 830 a year ago. That’s good for a 9.04% improvement, the biggest of the year!

Following are the stats for each month of the past two years.

Jefferson County Home Sales

       2013   2014
Jan     589     540
Feb     581     579
Mar     757     709
Apr     920     815
May    1022     934
Jun    1009    1073
Jul    1060    1020
Aug    1128    1143
Sep     964     854
Oct     830     905

So maybe 2014 won’t turn out as down as previously thought. There’s simply no way for us to catch the complete total for 2013 of 10,409 where we sit at 8,572. We’d have to average 918 homes sold during the final two months of the year to pull that out.

But after the first five months of the year, this outcome is much better than expected.