Jefferson County Home Sales Drop -13.2% in November

Jefferson County Home Sales Comparison through November 2014
When comparing 2014 months with their 2013 counterparts, November performed the poorest.

So after Louisville home sales jumping 9% in October, November came back to Earth.

With just 675 home sale transactions for the month, it was a drop of 13.2% compared to last November and the worst performing month of the year.

For the year, that brings total home sales in Jefferson County to 9,203. We had 9,639 at the same point last year for a decrease of 4.5%.

Following are the stats for each month of the past two years.

Jefferson County Home Sales

      2013   2014
Jan   589     540
Feb   581     579
Mar   757     709
Apr   920     815
May   1022    934
Jun   1009   1073
Jul   1060   1020
Aug   1128   1143
Sep   965     854
Oct   830     920
Nov   778     675

It’s a bit disappointing that 2014 didn’t have the sales volume of the previous year, especially with interest rates maintaining at historically low levels while most experts thought they’d rise. Even still, there was more activity than 2009-2012.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see how the next year opens, as Winter predictions call for a less biter cold than last year.

Compared to 2013-14, which was one of the coldest winters in recent memory in the Upper Midwest, this winter the chill looks to be more focused on the East Coast and Gulf Coast, according to the winter forecast prepared by WSI, which along with The Weather Channel is part of The Weather Company.

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