Louisville Home Sales Chart through June 2013, Monthly Comparison

Chart of Jefferson County Home Sales by Month through June 2013
June was a good, but not great month for Louisville real estate as we came up 10 sales short of May, when traditionally June has more activity.

Not the best month for home sales but as home values move higher, Louisville homes for sale will be affected. And right now, inventory is lower than it has been in years.

During June 2013, 975 homes were sold in Jefferson County, Louisville. Looking at the chart we can see that this June was better than all others except 2010.

If you’d like to see breakdown of sales and home values for each MLS area, visit those by accessing the drop-down menu above labeled Housing Reports.

Going back to 2006, you can see how the years compare in the data displayed below.

  • 2006: 1073
  • 2007: 1116
  • 2008: 807
  • 2009: 867
  • 2010: 1036
  • 2011: 795
  • 2012: 859
  • 2013: 975

If you’re considering a move, a large piece of the financial puzzle is mortgage interest rates, which are moving higher. Every dollar spent on interest is a dollar that can’t be applied to paying down the principle.