Monthly Comparison: Louisville Home Sales Chart through December 2013

Earlier this month I published Louisville Home Sales Finish Out 2013 with a “bang” over on InsiderLouisville and today’s chart shows this phenomenon just as well.

Chart of Jefferson County Home Sales by Month through May 2013
I think it’s fair to say that our Louisville home sales charts are showing a very successful 2013.

For the year, each 2013 month beat the previous year and in many cases bested all but one or two of the 6 years shown in this chart. December was especially impressive.

The number of homes sold in Jefferson County during December 2012 was 663. This year it was 792 for a whopping 19.46% increase!

Talk about showing up strong.

Including all Louisville homes sold throughout 2013, we see that 10,340 properties sold. This is the highest number since 2007, which was before the housing recession.

The year’s improvement over 2012’s tally of 8,981 is good for a 15.1% improvement.

Our data comes from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) and is subject to timeliness errors on the part of those agents/admins entering it but for more the most part we consider it quite reliable.

In case you are not aware, our Housing Reports link in the masthead breaks down Jefferson County into the MLS areas for Louisville.