Monthly Comparison: Louisville Home Sales Chart through September 2013

Chart of Jefferson County Home Sales by Month through May 2013
Wow! To the moon goes Louisville home sales in this easy to read chart.

There were 1,015 homes sold in Louisville during September. That’s huge!

Last September, we only saw 782 sales. We’re talking about a 29.8% increase over the previous year for Louisville real estate. And the 4th highest tally in the Louisville home sales chart.

We’re showing results from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors (GLAR) Multiple Listing Service (MLS) database for all kinds of properties. We consistently use the same data types when making comparisons to maintain high quality reports.

If you’d like to view sales, and home prices as well, by a particular MLS arae, visit our Housing Reports section.

When looking on at Septembers, here are the results:

  • 2006: 927
  • 2007: 786
  • 2008: 728
  • 2009: 801
  • 2010: 547
  • 2011: 675
  • 2012: 782
  • 2013: 1015

So as you can see, this current year is the highest on record. Very positive and hopefully this trend will continue.