Monthly Comparison: Louisville Home Sales Chart through December 2012

Chart of Jefferson County Home Sales by Month through September 2012
Another month’s tally, another strong performance for 2012. Can 2013 keep up the positive trend?

Note: This Louisville real estate market report covers the monthly home sales for the past six years in Jefferson County (Louisville, KY) and is published monthly. It can also be found under the Housing Reports tab at the top of each page, under All Louisville Sales.

Quick post to share the final sales totals for year for Jefferson County in Louisville. In an upcoming piece, we’ll take a look at how each area performed and compare that with the previous year.

Last year we called that article, Louisville Home Values Changes for 2011, Winners and Losers. I like the winners and losers part, the “values changes” part? Not so much.

There were 663 homes sold for the month of December, 2012. This was an 8.3% increase over the previous year’s total of 612.

The final tallies for the past six years are as follows.

  • 2007: 10,550
  • 2008: 7,991
  • 2009: 8,264
  • 2010: 7,957
  • 2011: 7,612
  • 2012: 8,981

This was our best year since 2007, but not by a wide margin.

Most national experts agree that 2013 should see similar, small scale improvement. Of course, Louisville follows the trend to a lesser degree and with a slight time delay so we’ll just have to wait and see.