The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Family-friendly Living Room

As we build our families, we sometimes scramble to make our homes look appealing while still keeping them practical and functional for our respective families. Sometimes the struggle is real. But never fear, you can overcome it!

Photo of a Family-friendly Living Room
Making a family-friendly living room is simple with these helpful tips!

For an amicable and serene home, it’s important to decorate a family living space that works for all the family members. Think about what changes you can do, whether from the layout, style, or functionality of your living space. By doing so, you can be sure that each and every one in your family finds this space an enticing room to relax and unwind.

Here’s our guide to help you make a wonderful, family-friendly living room.

Area Rugs

Uncovered floors can certainly look tremendous in some rooms, but in spaces where your children will be playing such as the living room, it is best to have smooth and fluffy area rugs while they sit and play. Area rugs are more desirable than carpets because they’re easy to have cleaned.

The best thing about area rugs is that there is no end to the style and color options available! So, you’ll never have to worry about finding the right one. Also, area rugs provide comfort, warmth, and a great amount of beautifying interest.

However, if you don’t give them the right, basic care, these rugs can get easily ruined. According to this piece—The Worst Things You Can do to an Area Rug—you never want to leave them in direct sunlight or even use a rug pad.

Sofa and Chairs

When it comes to the sofas and chairs, go for upholstered furniture that is uncomplicated to clean. Certainly, you don’t want to wrap your couches in plastic. Instead, opt for materials that wash and wear well. You can also go with slipcovers or with microfibers that can hold up plenty of wear and tear.

Alternatively, if you want to keep your living room multi-functional, maybe choose a daybed or pull-out sofa instead of a standard couch. Cover the mattress in a graphic quilt that’s simple to wash. Now you’ll have more room for guests and visitors!

Family Photographs

Customize your living space by adding some of your family photographs. By doing so, it’ll add appeal and charisma to your living space, which makes it more intimate and welcoming. If you have an empty wall just above the sofa or a cupboard, instead of hanging random art, hang some of your favorite family pictures.

Make sure to select frames that are homogenous in color and size. Arrange them in a grid pattern to create a more enticing, visual impact. Keep in mind that you cannot just lay them out anywhere. Your family photographs should complement or harmonize with your entire surroundings and gracefully interact with the rest of the room’s decoration.

Storage System

Photo of some attractive storage options
Storage options come in all shapes and sizes, open or closed.

Instead of officially forbidding toys from your living space, make a creative plan for storing them. You can opt for bookshelves with low cubicles and bins. As such, you can easily clean out the mess and store them out of sight, but kids can still have access to them.

Another smart idea is using a taller bookshelf and putting decorative objects on the higher shelves while the lower part is for your children’s games, toys, and puzzles. Many coffee tables have storage within. These can be very functional because you can have a coffee table, a flat area for board games, and storage for your kid’s toys as well.

If you’re anxious about the coffee table’s sharp edges and kids rattling on them, then consider storage footstools. Similar to coffee tables, storage footstools offer a flat surface, extra seat, and a storage system, and can also serve as a coffee table if you add a tray on the top.

Keep the Space Clean

Minimize the clutter in the room by organizing shelves accordingly and keeping seldom-used items out of sight. You don’t want too many things that might get in the way of your energetic children.

So if you are planning to create a family-friendly living space, keep the clutter to a minimum. Make sure that vases, picture frames, and especially anything expensive is out of reach of your kids.


There are many ways to create a living room both kid and adult-friendly. The good news is that you don’t need to give up your style just to suit your bundle of joys.

You can opt to have area rugs, and comfortable furniture which you can buy in any online store such as Deal Wiki. Having a good space where you can go and safely have fun with your children is the essence of “Living” in the words Living Room.