Competitive Market Analysis

If you would like to know the current value of your Louisville home, you've come to the right place.

What You Need to Know

  1. First, it's completely free!
  2. Simply call or email me and we'll schedule a time for me to come visit your Louisville home.
  3. On my visit, I'll look at your property and ask a few questions. It's helpful to know when you bought the home, at what price, and what improvements you've made since you've lived in it.
  4. Then I get to work! I use the same manually adjusted CMA approach that professional appraisers use. Only, I adjust more variables than they do, so it's more accurate.
  5. Once complete, I'll contact you to determine a day/time we can go over the results together.

That's it!

After we've discussed the current market value of your Louisville home, the ball is in your court. If you chose to list your home for sale, I hope you will choose me to list and sell your home. My track record speaks for itself. Just Google Tre Pryor and read how my clients have said about me.

If you'd rather wait until the future to sell, that's fine too. I'm always happy to help!

Please visit my Selling Your Home page to learn how I use professional photos and the latest Internet promotional tactics to get superior results.

What Is a CMA?

A CMA stands for many things. Some call it a Current Market Analysis. Others a Comparative Market Analysis or even a Competitive Market Analysis. Confusing right? Not really. They're all basically the same thing. It's the process by which a real estate professional determines the value of a given piece of property.

CMA's can be done quickly (worthless) or they can take a great deal of time and energy (worth a great deal). When I do mine, I use the manual-adjusted methodology, which is known to be the most accurate. It's also the most time consuming.

Selecting the best comps for the target property is key. Often times an agent will simply grab the nearest sold homes or the ones sold most recently but that's not the smart choice.

Once the best comps are selected now it really gets fun. A quality CMA will manually adjust 10-15 variables for each comp and use the values to create an average of the best ones.

It's a good amount of work but once I show you the work I've done, it's easy to understand.

Tre Pryor
Tre Pryor

Realtor, e-PRO

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