Homes for Sale in 40213

Located in the center of Jefferson County this ZIP code extends on both sides of I65, as well as, the Watterson Expressway. The size is approximately 3 miles in radius.

Active Listings 40213

All of these 40213 homes for sale are currently active listings but that could change at any time.

Louisville Neighborhoods in 40213

According to the United States Postal Service, the following are cities located within this ZIP code.

  • Audobon Park, Kentucky
  • Louisville, Kentucky
  • Lynnview, Kentucky
  • Poplar Hills, Kentucky

These are the Louisville neighborhoods located within the 40213 ZIP code. There may be others as well, that are partially inside this ZIP or unregistered entities.

  • Audobon Park
  • Audobonvale
  • Belmar
  • Camp Taylor
  • Lynnview
  • North Audobon
  • Oaks
  • Old Kentucky Home
  • Orchard Heights
  • Park Forest
  • Preston Park
  • Rock Hills
  • Trinity Park
  • Trotters Meadow
  • Wigginton Estate
  • Woodcreek
  • Zachary Taylor

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Neighborhood Map

Map of 40213 Louisville Kentucky
40213 Louisville Kentucky

40213 Demographics

Population: 15,834
Median Age: 35.5
Household Size: 2.26
Median Home Price: $92,750
Maps on Google: 40213

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