4 Keys to Manage Your Property Effectively as a Busy Landlord 

Real estate is one of the finest investments that anyone can have. Property is an immovable asset that tends to appreciate in value over time. Assuming you take adequate care of the land or property, you can generally expect its value to be preserved. Property is a desirable investment because it can be an income-generating asset. You can put your property up for rent, on a lease contract, or even as vacation accommodation. However, as the landlord, following these four keys is a must if you want to manage your property effectively.  

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If you’re looking to manage your property effectively you must put these best practices into place and then follow them regularly.

Landlords can manage their properties themselves or engage a professional property manager to handle them. But managing properties is time-consuming. Possibly, you could handle a property if it’s modest or has a few tenants. However, when managing many properties and tenants, property management becomes complicated. It’s hard for a landlord with a tight schedule to successfully manage their properties. It’d be best then to look for competent property managers. That said, here are some tips on how to manage your property effectively.  

1. Establish Effective Communication Channels

If you’re a landlord, it’s critical to have open lines of communication. However, you may not be available as and when needed if you’re always busy. But you can solve this problem by utilizing property management software or internet communication tools. Also, tenants may contact you via private chats, social media, e-mail, or any other available internet medium. Since most individuals have access to the internet, it’s prudent to have digital communication channels available.

2. Outsource Services 

As a busy landlord, it’ll be challenging to manage your property independently. Tenants often expect you to be available at all times. If you’re always busy, you won’t be able to address tenant issues or concerns promptly. So, think about outsourcing property management services. 

Hiring a competent property management firm will give you more time to focus on other things. It also allows you to be involved in property management on your terms. Furthermore, you may need to hire reputable service providers for property maintenance. Most states or regions require maintenance to be performed by certified or registered professionals. As a result, you’d need to create a network of service providers you could summon anytime. Remember that you may also need a legal professional to assist you with tax and legal matters. 

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Sometimes the best thing you can do for your clients is to team up with some real estate experts.

Fortunately, most property management companies are well-linked to various service providers. It’s best to partner with local companies such as an Orlando property management company. Property managers may know attorneys, plumbers, electricians, HVAC technicians, property developers, and other relevant parties. You won’t have to stress yourself to look for reliable partners. That is why hiring a property manager is a smart move.  

3. Schedule Routine Maintenance 

It should go without saying that you, as the landlord, should keep your property in good condition. You don’t need to wait for issues to pop up before you take care of them. You must be proactive about property maintenance. Therefore, developing a timetable or cycle outlining how frequently routine maintenance is carried out would be beneficial. Keeping a maintenance log is also good since it allows you to track the work done on the property. If you have property managers, ask them to keep such documents and to let you know about any repairs made to the property. 

Regular maintenance is vital because it helps prevent future costly repairs. Checking things like changing the AC filters, doing yard work, gardening, and cleaning the gutters is part of routine maintenance. While the tenant may have some maintenance responsibilities, keep in mind that the property is yours. Therefore, you need to ensure that it’s kept in good shape. Giving your renters adequate notice before performing any repair is a sensible move. 

4. Create An Effective Tenant Screening Process

As a busy landlord, you need to make sure that you have an effective tenant screening process. Some of the problems that can occur in property management are related to the quality of your tenants. 

Ideally, you want tenants with good credit, no criminal histories, and a track record of paying rent on time. To uncover all this information, you typically must subject all prospective tenants to a screening process. To assure fairness, you may implement a tenant screening policy that you apply to every prospective applicant. It’s also prudent to get legal advice on how to build an efficient tenant screening process. Choosing the best tenants will prevent a lot of future headaches. 


Property management isn’t an easy feat. Managing a property becomes much more difficult when you have a lot on your plate. Every landlord is required to handle some technical aspects of property management. Evictions, dealing with difficult tenants, lease agreement problems, and rental payment problems are just a few of the challenges of being a property manager. 

You understandably may not have the time to deal with these issues. However, there are strategies to make it work. Consider outsourcing all or most of the services required to keep your property in good condition. Legal, maintenance, and tax management are just a few services you may need. Engaging a property manager to manage your property is also prudent. It allows you to focus on other things without having to worry about your property.  

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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