As Louisville’s expert Realtor, I’ve been tracking, analyzing, and publishing reports on Louisville real estate data since 2006. One obvious data point is the Louisville KY average home price that I update each month. Putting this into chart form communicates a great deal better.

Louisville KY Average Home Price

Louisville KY Average Home Price and Louisville KY Median Home Price 3 Year chart through May 2024.

As you can see on the chart, the current Louisville KY average home price is $330,534. The median price of homes sold this past month is $278,000. Also, pay attention to the 3-year trend line established for both metrics. While the seasonality effect is evident for the monthly numbers, we can put more weight on the trend line values.

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Note: People think of “Louisville” in many different ways. It used to be simply the Louisville city limit then the city and county governments merged in 2003. Currently, all of Jefferson County is considered Louisville. Many of us think of our neighboring counties (Oldham, Shelby, Spencer, and Bullitt) as being part of Louisville, as well. Who am I to say they’re wrong?

The data used for this chart comes from the Greater Louisville Association of Realtors.

Louisville Homes Reports by Area

I also create a Louisville Homes Report for each of the 10 MLS areas that are located within Jefferson County.

Home Reports for Nearby Counties

Louisville has four neighboring counties that many think of as being part of “Louisville” so I create Home Reports for each of them. Please note that Oldham County is divided into two parts, north and south.

Homes Sold in Louisville Kentucky

As you’ve seen, this chart and data are for the Louisville KY average home price, as well as, the median home price for the past three years. But I also publish the Louisville KY home sales chart for the past six years in an easy-to-read chart. If you like, you may check that out as well.

If there’s anything related to real estate here in Louisville, Kentucky that you’d like to see just let me know. As a numbers geek, I’m always open to new projects.