4 Landscaping Tips Before Listing Your Home for Sale

As potential buyers approach your home, their initial judgments are often influenced by your home’s exterior. This makes landscaping a crucial element in the selling process. In this piece, we’re going to look at four landscaping tips before listing your home that you should consider.

Photo of a Louisville home with a beautiful lawn - 4 Landscaping Tips Before Listing Your Home for Sale
Taking care of your Louisville lawn doesn’t have to be difficult. Follow these easy steps and pretty soon you’ll love your lawn!

According to Trees.com, three out of ten real estate agents agree that great landscaping can increase a home’s value by over 20 percent. To me, that seems high so maybe that’s why only three out of ten would go on record agreeing with that statement. They also claim that 90 percent of agents believe that poor landscaping can hurt the listing. For sure! Therefore, a well-maintained and visually appealing outdoor space enhances curb appeal and adds value to your property.

Before listing your home for sale, consider these landscaping tips to captivate potential buyers and help sell your home faster.

1. Create a Tidy and Welcoming Entrance

The entrance to your home is the gateway to the potential buyer’s journey. Ensure that it is inviting and well-maintained.

Start by cleaning the pathway and driveway and removing any weeds or debris. Consider adding a fresh layer of mulch to flower beds for a clean and polished look. Trim overgrown bushes and trees to allow natural light to illuminate the entrance, making it feel more welcoming.

Enhance the entrance with strategically placed potted plants or flowers to add a splash of color. Choose planters that complement the architectural style of your home.

According to Angi, the average cost for a professional landscaping project is around $3,497. The cost will vary depending on the size of your yard and the amount of work that needs to be put into it. Hence, if you want, you might consider doing some work, like tidying up and placing potted plants, yourself. That way, you can save some money and use the professionals to work on the harder aspects of the landscaping. 

2. Lush and Healthy Lawn

A lush, green lawn is a powerful visual cue that your home is well-maintained. Depending on the time of year, begin by mowing the lawn regularly to keep it at an optimal height. Fill bare spots with grass seed, and water the lawn appropriately to ensure healthy growth. There are even winter lawn care recommendations.

Consider hiring a professional lawn care service if time is a constraint, as a vibrant lawn can significantly boost your home’s curb appeal. To add visual interest, create defined borders between the lawn and flower beds using edging materials such as bricks or stones.

A neatly edged lawn gives the entire landscape a polished and organized appearance, contributing to a positive first impression.

3. Colorful and Seasonal Flower Beds

Flower beds are a delightful way to inject color and vibrancy into your landscape. Select a variety of flowers that bloom at different times of the year to ensure a continuous display of color. Coordinate the flower choices with the color palette of your home to create a harmonious and cohesive look.

Planting a mix of perennials and annuals allows for low-maintenance beauty that persists throughout the seasons. Ensure that flower beds are weeded regularly, and consider applying a layer of fresh mulch to suppress weed growth and retain moisture. 

Remember that a flower bed installation can cost you between $800 and $3,000. Hence, you might consider installing the flower beds by yourself. For that, you first need to know where to rent tools and what kind of tools you need. After that, simply get to it, maybe while watching a couple of YouTube videos on flower bed installation. 

According to SitePro Rentals, opting for rental equipment is an economic choice. That’s because buying different landscaping or power tools in general can lead to a high cost. Many professionals choose to rent tools for different projects simply because rental rates are cheaper than buying the tools and maintaining them. 

4. Define Outdoor Living Spaces

Buyers often envision themselves enjoying the outdoor spaces of a prospective home. So it makes sense that one of the top landscaping tips before listing your home would be to create inviting outdoor spaces. Define these spaces by arranging outdoor furniture, creating a cozy patio, or establishing a charming seating area. Highlight the functionality of each space by keeping it clean, well-organized, and accessorized appropriately.

If you have a deck or patio, power wash the surface to remove dirt and stains. Consider adding potted plants, outdoor rugs, or decorative lighting to enhance the ambiance.

According to Time Magazine, if you’re looking for good outdoor furniture, opt for natural wood like teak. This type of furniture will last you a long time as long as you take good care of it.

Well-defined outdoor living spaces can evoke a sense of lifestyle and comfort, allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying these areas.


In conclusion, landscaping plays a pivotal role in making a positive first impression when selling your home. By investing time and effort into creating a well-maintained outdoor space, you can significantly increase the perceived value of your property. These landscaping tips will not only captivate potential buyers but also set the stage for a successful and rewarding home-selling experience.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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