6 Steps to Make Sure Your Home Pest Free

Nothing is more disturbing and creepy than living with pests in the house. The kitchen, in particular, is the most infested room because there is plenty of food and dirty dishes in different conditions. Dirty spaces lead to infestation from unsanitary and disease-ridden pests. You may notice an increase in pest infestation during heavy rain periods when the weather becomes unbearable and unlivable for most pests. So how do you make sure that your home is pest free?

Photo of a kitchen with new Energy Star appliances
If you want to make sure your home pest free, you need to start with the kitchen.

Nothing is more disgusting than seeing pests like cockroaches and houseflies crawling on your dishes, food cabinet, or the floor. It is not hygienic, and most of these pests spread diseases.

Getting rid of pests, especially in your kitchen, is vital. Here are the six tried and true methods to make sure your home is pest-free.

1. Hiring a Professional

Professionals are called “pros” for a reason—they do this for a living. Whether you have a current pest problem or are just looking to prevent future problems, nothing is more effective than hiring a professional.

Consider hiring a Terminix pest control service to eliminate the infestation issue and keep your family safe. After the cleansing, you must maintain your kitchen to avoid more pest issues. After the service, there are still steps you need to take to make sure your home pest free.

2. Keep the Kitchen Dry

Sometimes pests infest your indoor space in search of water. Therefore, they will be drawn to liquids and water. Liquids such as grease can stain your kitchen tiles and discolor the cabinets. Therefore, keeping the kitchen dry, especially the sink, is advisable to ensure you don’t deal with a pest issue. Always wipe water spills every time they happen.

3. Keep Food in Sealed Containers

Open food is a center of attraction for pests. Therefore, ensure you cover all the food by storing it in airtight sealed containers. Additionally, avoid eating from anywhere in the kitchen since the food crumbs attract pests.

Eat your food in the dining room and clean it afterward. If there are leftovers, avoid storing them in open containers. Instead, find sealable containers and store them for the next use. Such practices ensure you don’t create a favorable environment for pests.

4. Dump Waste Regularly

Food waste and other kinds of waste attract insects and pests. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid leaving waste in the dustbin for a long time. Ensure you dump it regularly to keep pests from being attracted to it. This will ensure your kitchen remains clean without conditions that attract pests.

Furthermore, keeping the waste in the kitchen for a long time can cause a bad odor, which is the last thing you want in your kitchen. So, keep your kitchen clean, comfortable, and pest-free by dumping the waste daily.

5. Keep the Cabinets Clean

The kitchen is the most functional part of the house. A lot of activities, mostly cooking and eating, happen here. Therefore, it is easy for the kitchen to get dirty.

The cabinets are vital parts of the kitchen since they hold different items, keeping the kitchen organized. Therefore, it is vital to ensure they are clean all the time. Whether dusting or wiping off spills or splatters, you need to clean cabinets to ensure there will be nothing to attract the pests. It also maintains the beauty of your kitchen.

6. Regular Light and Deep Cleaning

An effective remedy will be to keep your kitchen clean by washing dishes after use, covering foot leftovers, and cleaning spills. You can avoid pest infestation by developing a cleaning routine every day. Don’t wait until the morning to do these tasks. This way you don’t give pests like cockroaches that do well at night to explore the kitchen.

Every kitchen will also need a deep cleaning once in a while. Most people don’t have the time to do this daily, but deep cleaning is crucial.

  • Thoroughly clean the stove
  • Remove everything from the cabinets and wash them completely
  • Clean out the garbage can
  • Remove all the items from your pantry and clean it out
  • Don’t forget the area under the sink

Regular deep cleaning will make your kitchen sparkle and discourage pests. Plan for twice a year at the very least if you don’t want some uninvited guests into your home.

Bottom Line

Keeping your home pest-free isn’t necessarily easy. But it’s possible with a plan and a bit of hard work. Don’t be afraid to call the pros if things are out of control. By following the remaining five steps, you can rest assured your kitchen will be pest-free.

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