10 DIY Cheap and Easy Ways to Protect Your Home

A home is burglarized every 15 seconds. This information comes straight from the FBI. This results in thousands per hour and untold millions in stolen goods, not to mention the rise in insurance premiums. Don’t be part of the statistics by following these top ten DIY cheap and easy ways to protect your home.

Photo of two home security cams
Security cameras are now becoming less expensive and easier to set up.

DIY Cheap and Easy Ways to Protect Your Doors

According to a study by the California Crime Technological Research Foundation, the most common ways burglars use to break into homes involve doors. Use the below for inexpensive and simple ways to strengthen them.

1. Replace Locks

Unless you are the first owner, chances are the keys to your home are still out there. Old and outdated locks are also another good reason to replace them. State Farm recommends an ANSI Grade 1 lock, the more pins, the better. Be sure to address all entry doors. All you need to install them is a screwdriver.

2. New Strike Plates

Because most strike plates come with holes for two screws, they are easier to break into. Try finding a strike plate that has four holes for screws, making it twice as hard to kick down or pry open. Whether upgrading to four screws or staying with two, be sure to use wood screws that are a minimum of two inches in length.

3. Upgraded Door Hinges

If any of your entry doors swing outward, a burglar may be able to enter your home by simply removing the pins from your door hinges. Don’t tear your hair out over replacing the entire door and frame just yet, there are cheap and easy DIY options. Try getting a hinge with non-removable or fast-riveted pins or even a safety stud.

Low Tech DIY Cheap and Easy Ways to Protect Your Home

You don’t have to be computer or hardware-savvy to utilize the below ways to protect your home.

4. Neighborhood Watch

Because if the whole neighborhood is watching, it will be like your home is never empty. USA On Watch can help you find one in your city or help you start your own. You can also visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute for supplies, handbooks, decals, and more.

5. Alarm Decal or Sticker

Use these decals, stickers, and signs to let criminals know your home is protected by an alarm system or camera, even if it is not. This online store sells a variety of impressive security signs and can even customize them. If you prefer a more authentic one, contact the security provider of your choice to purchase your decal directly from them.

6. Lock the doors and windows!

The most common way burglars enter into homes, it happens more than you think. Many of these criminals will even enter an unlocked home if there are people inside. Still, have a hard time remembering? Then read this story to remind yourself why.

High Tech DIY Cheap and Easy Ways to Protect Your Home

Although some tech is required, by no means is a doctorate in science needed to follow these higher-tech ways to protect your home.

7. Light It!

Because criminals like to work in the dark, nothing stops them in their tracks light a security light. Whether security or motion-detecting, these lights are easy to install, even if you don’t have any experience. This article on eHow gives detailed instructions on how to install security lighting and even offers related videos.

8. Use That PC Camera

Follow the instructions on this site to turn your PC web camera into a motion detection and recording security camera. You only need a PC (Mac instructions coming soon), a web camera, and Dorgem. There are even advanced options and a how-to on working with multiple cameras.

9. DIY Home Alarm

Install yourself and customize yourself to protect your home cheaply and easily. You don’t need a monitoring service for the alarm to go off when a door is opened or a window is broken. In addition, criminals won’t know if the alarm is hooked up and neighbors who hear it are likely to phone for help. UDoItAlarms sells a variety of DIY home security products and even has how-to videos.

10. A Real Home Alarm

Competitively priced for installation and surveillance, many security systems can actually give you a break on your homeowner’s insurance. This site has a beginner’s guide to home security, explanations of common security devices, and even a Just For Fun section. Be sure to check out the “Review” tab for reports on security providers such as Brinks and Protection One before purchasing.

Advanced security systems will even monitor the house in your stead, with live guards acting in less than a minute to call law enforcement. 

Although break-ins can be scary, they are one of the most preventable crimes. Even though nothing is guaranteed, you are far less likely to become a victim after doing all of these top ten DIY cheap and easy ways to protect your home.