13 Cool Lighting Ideas for Your Contemporary Living Room

Lighting is one of the most important parts of home décor but is also one of those areas that people tend to overlook, whether it is because they assume prices are out of reach or that lighting is just functional and not decorative. However, when you incorporate lighting that enhances your house’s style, your rooms will feel more complete and you’ll enjoy the space even more.

Photo of a cool lighting in a contemporary living room

Not sure how to light up your contemporary space? Check out these 13 cool lighting ideas that will transform your living room overnight.

  1. Have A Hanging Showpiece
    A great contemporary take on hanging fixtures is to have a main hanging light as the centerpiece. Depending on the space of your room, this can be as complex or simple as you want but should be placed so that it lights the space without causing harsh shadows.
  2. Place Lamps in Corners
    When you put lamps in corners it literally takes them out of the shadows and can make your space seem bigger. The great thing about many contemporary lamps is that whether simple or not, they can serve as excellent pieces of décor while still having a function.
  3. LED Strips
    An excellent way to enhance important details in your space is to illuminate them with LED strips. Not only do you get additional ambient lighting, but you can also highlight objects or decorations that are particularly significant.
  4. Get Creative with Wall Lighting
    Traditional sconces can put extra wall space to use, but you can also use wall lighting to create an attractive display. Wall-mounted candles placed randomly around a wall can give an interesting effect.
  5. Bring in The Outdoors
    Use Natural light as much as you can by covering windows with sheer curtains or leaving them open as much as possible.
  6. Have Dimmers
    The ability to change the brightness of your room is essential for lighting your tasks properly. You want to see when you are eating, but not as much when watching TV.
  7. Get Sun Lamps
    There are special bulbs you can use to channel the rays of sunlight in your own home, which can be great for the depth of winter. Combine these with your fixtures so that you can always enjoy the sun, no matter where you live.
  8. Hide It
    Recessed lighting can be a great way to keep your living room minimal.
  9. Choose Floor Lamps
    Floor lamps are a must in contemporary homes, and with the tons of different styles available, you can find the right one for your budget and lighting needs.
  10. Track Lighting
    If you want to have a spotlight effect on certain elements of your room, track lighting can be a great way to spread light out without having fixtures that interfere with your space.
  11. Mirrors Matter
    While they may not be your light source, well-placed mirrors can help you make sure that light reaches every corner of your room. Make sure that you aren’t placing them in spots where they produce harsh reflections, but rather in places they can diffuse light.
  12. Enhance The Fireplace
    Particularly in the winter, your fireplace is a great source of light and warmth. Place pieces on the mantle or use sconces to help center your fireplace in a room.
  13. Use Smart Bulbs
    Nowadays technology has advanced so that “smart bulbs” – or light bulbs that have multiple functions and can be controlled by an app – allow you to alter the lighting, brightness, or other features with just the touch of a button. The great thing about a smart bulb in your living room is that you get the features of a dimmer and the ability to change colors to suit the experience at hand.