2011 Louisville Award for Real Estate Agents, But It’s Not Worth the Plastic It’s Made With

Wow! Look at that! I’ve just been given the 2011 Louisville Award for Real Estate Agents. All I have to do is log into their Web site, commerceaward.com, and enter this code they have for me and… what…??

Louisville real estate award for Tre Pryor

You mean I have to pay for it?

Why would anyone need to pay for the award they’ve been given? Didn’t their email just say:

Tre Pryor – Rick Shaw Realtors has been selected as the 2011 Louisville Award winner in the Real Estate Agents category by the US Commerce Association.

Did Christian Bale pay for his Oscar? Did Tina Fey pay for her Emmy?!? This is an outrage!!

Oh, wait a sec… I see now. I have to pay for it because it costs so much. That way, these fake little companies can make some money handing out worthless awards to gullible recipients. Aha!

Does anyone actually give them their credit card?

Well… so I don’t have a trophy for being the Best Real Estate Agent in Louisville 2011 but I’ve got their graphic. And by golly, I’ll display this thing proudly for all of 10 posts until it drops off at the bottom of my blog’s homepage.