3 DIY Garage Flooring Options

Garages can be more than simple storage spaces. Doing a DIY garage flooring project can add value and some style to your home. Because working on the garage floor is mostly labor, doing it yourself can really save you some money! There are a number of possible choices, but check out these three great options to see what you think.

Photo of a cool garage floor

1.  Liquid Limestone

Liquid limestone is one option that you might like to try because you can pour it on and smooth it out.  It’s really like painting!

Remember that most people looking at garage flooring options are going to pick something that will go on thin and be easy to cure. The liquid limestone looks very smooth, and it can take on patterns that you will love.  It also comes in a lot of different colors as well.

2.  Epoxy

The epoxy that you are using on your garage floor will be rolled on just like paint. It is going to coat the floor in a way that will help keep it as waterproof as possible.  The epoxy comes in a number of colors and is very easy for you to renew every year.  When you are using colored epoxy, you can choose the color level because that makes it easier for you to build in the color for the style of the house. 

3.  Paint

Painting a floor is always an option because that can make your life much simpler.  There are literally millions of color choices. This is a very fast job. And because of the cost of the materials, it’s the least expensive option. So if you’re on a tight budget, maybe painting your garage floor is the best choice.


There are actually a number of other garage floor options you might want to investigate. Here are a few of them:

  • Stained Concrete
  • Carpet Squares
  • Roll-Out Vinyl Flooring
  • Vinyl Squares
  • Interlocking Tiles

Some of these are far more expensive but will last for years without any maintenance. Each comes with a different level of difficulty but almost all of these DIY garage flooring projects are pretty easy.

Some people forget about the garage and focus on the inside of the house but that doesn’t have to be the case. Make your garage the envy of the neighborhood.