3 Tips When Adding a Fish Tank to Your Interior Design

A fish tank is a lovely element you can add to your home decor as it literally brings life to your space. Incorporating it into your home is fun and easy. You’ll definitely enjoy setting it up, from choosing the fish to picking the right tank ornament. There are so many ingenious ways to place it in your house, and if you’re lost, here are three helpful tips for including a fish tank in your interior design.

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Beautiful fish in a fish tank add life to any space.

Aquariums are a fun and relaxing addition to any home. They provide hours of enjoyment as you watch your fish swim around in their new habitat. As with most things, however, aquarium care requires some maintenance. One important aspect of caring for your aquarium is the filter system that removes waste from the water and keeps it clean and healthy for your fish, especially if you have koi fish. If you’re looking for a filter for your aquarium, why not take a look at Absolute Koi?

Find Out How to Set Up a Tank

Before you get busy with buying the perfect tank, make sure you have enough room for an actual fish tank.

  • Where do you intend to put it?
  • Do you want it mounted on a wall, on a cabinet or on a stand?
  • What size should you get?

Depending on how much space you have, will determine the size of the tank and the number of fish it can hold.

For starters, you may want to get a 55-gallon tank. It’s standard enough to allow you to get a variety of fish and easy enough to maintain. There are basically four types of aquariums you can choose from, the most common of which is a freshwater tank. There’s also cold water, marine, and brackish. Freshwater aquariums are easier to maintain and upkeep so it’s a good place to start.

When setting up your tank make sure to put it where the temperature is consistent. It’s also advisable to put it away from bright light as sunlight causes algae growth. Consider how far is it from the outlet as well as you need to hook your filter system to a power source.

The next steps would be to install your chosen filter and add your gravel and chosen ornaments. Then you can put on water, turn on the filter, add a heater, and pour in a dechlorinator to neutralize the water.

Choose the Right Species

Before adding any species, it’s important to do a fishless cycle a few weeks before putting in fish. This prepares the tank to grow the necessary bacteria to support aquatic life. And then you can go on and choose your fish!

Your local pet shop should give you options on the best freshwater fish to buy for beginners. Including species that don’t get along. There are many types of fish, there are community fish, semi-aggressive, and aggressive. Swordtails and mollies are good for beginners, but it still depends on the tank size. Do some research and consult your local pet store for some tips on buying fish.

Be Ready for Maintenance Duties

Fish tank maintenance is essential in keeping your fish alive and your tank ecosystem thriving. There are three major things you should do to maintain your fish tank and these are:

  1. Change the water regularly;
  2. Check the filtration system;
  3. Test the aquarium water’s properties.

All these must be done at least every two weeks to ensure that water is clean is suitable for your fish. If you’re planning to fish a tank to your interior design, understand there are pros and cons, but it definitely adds life to your space and works great as a home decoration.