4 Things to Consider When Thinking of Remodeling Your Living Room

If you’ve considered remodeling your living room, there are a few points to consider before moving forward with the project. This remodel needs to be insightful and practical to get the most out of the investment and effort. Before beginning, consider some details that affect the outcome and the process of remodeling. With some research and planning, you’ll successfully create an updated and useful space you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Photo of a living room
Because your living room is used so frequently, special thought should go into its design. | Photo by Luis Martinez

Budgeting for the Project

One of the first things you want to do before remodeling a living space is to create a realistic budget. It’s definitely possible to spend too much on a remodeling project. You’ll always want to leave some wiggle room to allow for unexpected expenses related to the remodeling and perhaps even in your design scheme.

Most living room remodels cost between $10k-$25k. Still, it can drastically increase for older homes with hidden issues or large projects requiring a complete teardown of the walls and flooring. Consult your contractor for an appraisal before beginning and calculate the total expenses you can afford on your salary.

If you plan to ask for a loan from a bank, you’ll want to consult with them to find out what your best options are and ask any questions about the loan terms before you sign for it. If you have questions about how to create a budget, you can ask a professional for assistance with the process, and you can also get a full-service contractor to help you out with it, too, if you feel comfortable with their experience and reputation.

Plan for Your Furniture

If you want to really make an impact, you should consider buying all new furniture. This is a way to create a whole new look and add some comfort and style to your new space. One of the essential pieces of furniture to purchase is a couch. The best couches are made from high-quality, durable materials and resist staining, and provide comfort for yourself and guests.

Photo of a sectional sofa
When choosing furniture it’s critical to think about the number of people who’ll be utilizing the space. | Photo by Max Vakhtbovych

You may also consider getting some single-seat chairs and end tables to provide a place for drinks, magazines, or photos. Coffee tables are also a great way to add some pizzas and accentuate the look of the space while still providing great function.

Other furniture ideas include curio cabinets and wall hangings storage that blends well with the room’s design. They also help keep clutter at bay and give the room an extra something special.

Time Frames

One of the most important considerations for remodeling your living room is the time frame. These projects can be delayed for various reasons, including the following.

  • Unforeseen damage
  • Electrical issues
  • Late shipping
  • Weather
  • Workforce issues

Even if the contractor gives you an approximate time frame, that doesn’t mean it’s ready at that point. Plan for delays and consider what you will do with constant construction in your home. It’s likely inconvenient and may even make it harder to get ready or do things at home.

If it’s a total remodel and the workers, dust, and debris are too much, you may stay somewhere else like a hotel or at a friend’s house before you begin. Have a plan ready before the crew starts working to minimize impacts on your daily life.


Have a design style in mind before you get started. You could even have the plans drawn for the contractor if you really want to prepare. Most contractors can do it and go over everything before beginning, however. Get a style or design in mind and stick with it.

This tactic ensures a seamless look that isn’t disjointed or mismatched. Try not to mix styles, especially if they are completely different. You could get inspiration from a designer or hire one to oversee the whole project if you choose. Just make sure to figure that cost into your budget and allow wiggle room for new additions to the style or substitutions.

A money-saving tip is to consider repurposing furniture if you have a style that allows for it. You can also visit local flea markets or find some good furniture advertised in your local listing in the area. However, try to avoid purchasing used couches because you never know how they were used or treated. It is hard to get a used couch or fluffy chair really clean from previous use.


When remodeling your living room, you’ll want to consider these points before you get started. Perhaps the most important part of planning is budgeting. Ensure you have enough to complete the project and leave room for unplanned expenses because they frequently occur.

You also want to plan the style and theme for your design. If you are unsure where to begin, you can consult with a designer or have them oversee the entire process. This is helpful for busy professionals or those who travel for business frequently. Using this information helps the project go smoothly and allows you to get the look you want.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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