4 Things to Do If You Suddenly Lose Water Pressure

Most people take the pressure of their water for granted. You turn on the shower and it comes out with enough force for you to enjoy your shower. Of course, with the push toward energy efficiency and a greener planet, people are trying to balance the enjoyment of their shower with responsible water use. So now manufacturers are pushing under the 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM) mandate. But, that doesn’t make it any more pleasant if you suddenly lose water pressure. Fortunately, the following four steps should help resolve the issue.

Photo of a bathroom newly renovated

1. Check with Your Neighbors

Most of the time, when water pressure suddenly drops it’s due to a leak. Maybe you recently updated your bathroom and now this happens?! The leak can be inside your home or possibly in the main water supply pipe. The faster way to tell if the issue is a water board problem is to say hello to your neighbors.

Just ask, “Did you lose water pressure?” If they are all experiencing a pressure drop then the water board has probably damaged a pipe and will be busy repairing it. You can contact them to confirm the issue.

In this instance, there is little you can do to restore pressure. However, if you’re not using the water it is a good idea to turn your main valve off. This will protect your appliances from the sudden rise in pressure when the water board does fix the issue.

2. Call a Plumber

If you find the issue isn’t with the water board, then you’re going to need to locate the issue in your home. The most obvious starting point is to head o the lowest point of your home and check for any signs of a water leak.

If you find one you may be able to tackle the issue yourself. But, if you don’t know how to tackle it and live in the area, you can call a good plumber Sydney. No matter where you live there will be professional plumbers nearby ready to help. They will be able to inspect and test your system to find any leaks or identify any other issues. More importantly, they will be able to fix the issue and give you back decent water pressure.

3. Check the Pressure Regulator

Most homes have a pressure regulator fitted into the plumbing system. This ensures you have steady water pressure and protects appliances against sudden surges. 

However, while it is very efficient, it can eventually break. If your regulator is old you may suspect this is the issue. Try adjusting the pressure regulator. If it makes no difference the regulator may need to be replaced; That’s probably a job you would prefer to leave to a professional.

4. Look at the Water Heater

Your water heater is the only most likely culprit when you have a sudden pressure drop. Because of the way they work, water heaters collect sediment at the bottom of the tank. Eventually, this will prevent the heater from heating the water properly. It can also clog the pipes and cause your water pressure to drop. The plumber will tell you whether the system can be flushed or if it needs to be replaced. 

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