4 Ways To Give Your Home More Curb Appeal

First impressions are everything. People like homes with character! When it comes to making a good impression on buyers, your home’s curb appeal will play a big role. Adding more curb appeal will help increase people’s perception of how valuable your home is.

The curb appeal on this Oldham County home is off the charts!

So, what is it about your home’s exterior that you could make changes to? Take a look at some of the current, hot ways to make a great impression on prospective buyers through increased curb appeal. 

1. Give Your Yard a Makeover 

Your yard will play a huge role in maintaining a strong curb appeal. It’s important that you do everything from caring for your lawn to replacing an old fence. Rake away any old dead leaves and get rid of any unsightly weeds. You want your home to look like something out of a magazine!

Even though your home’s interior may be fabulous, people will be far from convinced if the exterior of your home is looking like it’s some kind of jungle. If you’re having a challenging time making your lawn look the way you’d like it to, consider hiring a professional lawn service company. 

2. Paint Your Door 

You may be surprised to hear it, however, the color of your door can play a huge role in people’s perception of your home. Your curb appeal can boost significantly by having a front door that stands out. The best part is, painting your door only costs a small amount of money compared to other projects. 

In fact, not only is it affordable, but you can do it yourself. Go for a color that catches the eye like red or bright blue.  Don’t be afraid to be bold, just make sure that it matches the rest of the color of your house. 

3. Think Symmetry 

Humans’ eyes are naturally drawn toward symmetry. Creating symmetrical patterns in front of your house will instantly make your home look better. Symmetry can be anything from putting up matching statues on either side of your porch or even lamps on either side of the door. It can be fun to come up with creative ways to create symmetry that will catch people’s eyes on the street. 

4. Spruce Up Your Mailbox 

Is your mailbox looking like something out of the 1980s sitcom? Perhaps it’s time to switch out the old one for something more modern period swap out your old mailbox with something that’s more sleek and stylish.

Once you start looking at mailboxes, you’ll be surprised to see that there are actually some pretty great ones out there. Since your mailbox sits literally on the curb of your house, it can make a significant impression on buyers passing by to see the property. 

Bonus: American Pride

Since we’re approaching the Fourth of July, America’s birthday, maybe you’d like to show your national pride. Consider installing a home flagpole. Position it so that it doesn’t block the front door. Also, consider the height of the flagpole in relation to the taller trees nearby. You can’t go wrong sharing your pride in your country.