5 Best Kept Secret Small Towns to Consider

Choosing where to live is not just about the house. The city you live in matters a great deal! Just think about all the political, environmental, health, and social factors that will affect you. We haven’t even talked about housing prices, entertainment options, school ratings, or jobs. With that in mind, here are some best kept secret small towns that might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Photo of main street in Middletown, Louisville, Kentucky

Thinking about what comes with the city, we’ve found some hidden gems. These are towns you might not recognize. But keep an open mind. You might just find your home sweet home.

Why should you settle down in another city?

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Now to some of our favorite little towns.

1. Evans, Georgia

The city of 36,000 residents comes in first as it boasts a 17 percent increase in its employment rates in the past five years. Even amid the pandemic, it continues to thrive. It also has an unemployment rate below the nation’s average. And this just got better as with your high-paying job; you get low costs when it comes to living.

Not only is it known for its well-paying job opportunities, but for its healthcare as well. In Evans, Georgia, one in every 90 people is a doctor as it’s close proximity to the Medical College of Georgia. So, if you’re looking for a beneficial and new city to live in, Evans might be your missing puzzle piece.

2. Parker, Colorado

Parker, Colorado, shines with its natural riches and views of flourishing wildlife. Here, you feel connected with nature with its economy entirely driven by its resources and accompanied by its technological advances. With this, unemployment has lowered to 8.7 percent, which is a significant difference from the nation’s average of 11.1 percent.

The pandemic didn’t stop Parker, Colorado, from delivering as well. One in five residents was affected by COVID-19, which included retail and entertainment. Thus, expect competence for Parker continues to attract young families and white-collar jobs.

3. Meridian, Idaho

Meridian, Idaho will indeed paint you a picture with its elm trees, state parks, hiking trails, and zip lines. Here, you get entertainment and quality all in one as it offers outdoor areas for families and high-paying employment rates in its tech world.

This city isn’t found in Treasure Valley for nothing with its versatile housing. Whether it’s a luxury home you want, a condominium, or a multi-family home, Meridian has it all for you! And just as its housing is a catch in itself, it also has a low crime rate—remaining as the second safest city in the entire state in 2021.

4. Rockwall, Texas

Rockwall, Texas rocks fourth in the list as this town near Dallas has gained a 19 percent growth in job employment. Not only this, as Rockwall has quickly recovered from the economic damage the pandemic has brought. The 49,000 residents enjoy an average income of $101,000 which is higher than that of the state median, by $34,000!

Additionally, you could also experience the excitement in this city. Live music shows, history-enriched buildings, and locally-owned restaurants and shops line the streets, all in store for you to indulge in and discover. Its food will also attract you like peaches, high-grade beef, and Texas honey will awe throughout May until September.

5. Columbia, Maryland

If you want diversity and versatility in your new city, Columbia is what you’re looking for! Here, a racially diverse population will welcome you with open arms. Not only this, as you will get to experience quality public schools and neighborly friendliness.

Accompanying the lively neighborhood is the low costs of housing and access to enriched libraries, cultural events, parks, and family-oriented activities and services.

In Colombia, Maryland, you will feel connected with your family and with the neighborhood as pathways are connected and mailboxes are interconnected. If there’s one thing grand about Maryland, it’s the opportunities for connectivity and good relationships.


The world is indeed filled with beautiful places. But they’re not all equal. If you’re thinking about making a move, it’s a big deal so make sure you do your research first.

And how great would it be when the city you move into isn’t only pretty, but liveable as well? Towns with great jobs and low housing costs are the ones to target. We hope this article has been helpful and given you a few more places to consider when you’re evaluating the best-kept secret small towns.