5 Toddler Proofing Tips for a Kid-Friendly Home

You can’t take any chances with little kids running around. Is your house as safe as it could be? I mean, everyone wants their home to be as safe as possible, right? Here are five toddler-proofing tips every parent should know.

Photo of a mother with her child sitting in a window seat

The toddler stage is full of exciting developments for your child. They are beginning to learn to move around on their own and are exploring the world for themselves in new ways.

At this stage, these curious little young ones now have the ability to get into all sorts of places in your home that they couldn’t before, so you need to start thinking about toddler-proofing ahead of time.

There are so many things that pose a serious risk to your little one. According to the Insurance Information Institute, drowning, suffocation, and fire are three of the four leading causes of toddler deaths in America. You want the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your little one is free to explore the space around them without their lives being at risk.

By toddler-proofing your home, you ensure that they will be able to stay safe at home! Maybe you have older kids who need help from pro essay writers uk to spur them on to greater things in education. Either way, we’re here to help your family. Read on to learn some of the key things you will want to consider when getting your home ready for your child.

1. Stair Gates

Stair gates are a must for every staircase in your home. For the top of each staircase, you will want to use a hardware-mounted stair gate. These units screw into the wall and are more secure than pressure-mounted gates, which can fall if your child leans on them.

Pressure-mounted gates can be fine for the bottom of the stairs, but never at the top. They make hardware-mounted gates that can attach to the banister or other units that easily work for whatever style of staircase you have.

Do you have stairs leading up your deck outside? They make weatherproof outdoor gates that come with stainless steel hardware so that your baby can enjoy the outside and sunshine safely too!

2. Cabinet Locks

As the baby explores, they are sure to get into any cabinets they can reach. This is why it is always a good idea to store dangerous things up high. If you store cleaning supplies under your kitchen or bathroom sink, you’ll want to invest in some childproof latches.

If one of your cabinets is full of something safe like Tupperware, then it’s your call whether to add a child-proof latch or not- just know that if you don’t, your little one will probably treat you to a surprise Tupperware drum solo when you least expect it!

3. Window Safety

Your child will have a lot of fun with the windows in your home, from looking out at the bright blue sky to the cars driving by. You just want to make sure they are safe! Designers and architects put a lot of thought into safe windows for your home, but if you aren’t careful around them, even the safest windows can still cause problems.

You should never leave your child unattended near an open window, even one with a screen. Though the screen keeps out bugs, they easily fall out when leaned on, and your baby could take a tumble right through! Make sure that your windows latch and lock is important so that your child won’t be able to get them open by themselves.

If you have a large single-pane window or a sliding glass door, you might want to put up some anti-shatter film. This clear film covers the window and in the event that it breaks, keeps all the glass together so your little one doesn’t cut themselves on broken glass.

4. Anchors Away

This is one that a lot of people miss. There are lots of large heavy objects in your home that seem pretty stable and you may have never considered them dangerous. Toddlers have a knack for testing that!

You will want to anchor any large, heavy objects so that they do not fall on your child. Bookcases should be secured to the wall. These can be especially alluring to children because the shelves make great handholds and footholds for climbing, but once the child gets higher up, they are likely to tip over if not secured to the wall.

Your television is another large object that you may not have thought of. Even flat-screen TVs are still heavy enough to injure your child. Most modern flat screens can be easily mounted to the wall and having the television securely mounted up and out of reach is the safest option. For stand-mounted TVs, attach an anchor to the back and to a nearby wall so that they cannot tip over.

5. Protect Little Fingers

Doors can pose a hazard to your little one’s fingers. They can very easily pinch or slam them in the door which can lead to very serious injuries and even amputation. It’s a good idea to install door guards on any door that your toddler may be around regularly.

These guards keep the door from being able to close completely, meaning that even if your child’s fingers are in the door and it gets swung shut, the guard will stop it before it hurts them.

Toddler Proofing for Peace of Mind

We hope you found this guide to toddler proofing helpful. As your little one grows and explores, you want them to do so in an environment where they can be safe, and there should be no place safer than your own home! You’ll breathe easier knowing that while they toddle around your home, they are protected.

We hope you liked this article. If you did, stick around! We’ve got plenty more to inform and entertain you!