6 Louisville Areas to Consider If Relocating

Our needs, aspirations, and requirements evolve over time. We build families, change priorities and start enjoying different living conditions. That’s why there might be a moment soon when you’ll realize you should move to the suburbs. More space, lower cost of living, relaxed lifestyle – these are some of the reasons why people decide to move a bit further away from the city center. If you’re planning to relocate to Louisville, Kentucky we’d like to highlight six Louisville areas to consider.

Photo of a Louisville neighborhood from the air - 6 Louisville Areas to Consider If Relocating
This view from above highlights the size of the homes and their proximity to one another.

As you prepare for your upcoming move, you’ll want to do a lot of research online. Quick tip, when looking at maps, choose Bird’s Eye view to get a better feel for a Louisville neighborhood compared to simply the satellite, straight-down view.

Louisville is Kentucky’s largest city, with a population of over 700,000; closer to 1.5 million if you consider the entire metro area. The city itself gives so many career, education and entertainment opportunities, so families often choose to live in a suburb that has easy access to all of that. Here are some top options in Louisville that you could soon be calling “home.”

Is Louisville a good place to look for a home?

There are a couple of reasons why Louisville is favored by Kentucky residents. First, there’s housing affordability – home prices are lower than the national average. This attracts many families to the suburbs, ensuring they’ve got more square footage for the money.

It’s easy to get quality education and there are plenty of ways to start a new career – the job market in Louisville is quite developed these days.  People love living here for entertainment, culture and art scene, amazing food, and plenty of outdoor recreational options. And when it comes to living in the suburbs, you’ve got the chance to pick a home that will be spacious enough for your family, have more space around it the outside area, but still be close enough to all the great things Louisville has to offer. 

Nice Suburbs in and around Louisville

Photo of a beautiful, new construction home
There’s a good amount of new construction taking place in Louisville currently but speak with a local real estate expert to better understand the pros and cons.

As you’re evaluating Louisville areas to consider for a move, there are always two main factors. Firstly, you’ll research the places that meet most of your moving priorities – safety, quality of education and career options, and more. This is where our guide to Louisville suburbs will help.

The next step would be narrowing the list according to your personal preferences – type and size of homes available proximity to certain locations or people in the city, etc. This is when you start exploring homes in a particular area, hoping to come across your dream home soon. Let’s go back to step one and see what are the best suburbs you should include in your house-hunting process. 


The seat of Oldham County, LaGrange is one of the top spots in the state for public schools. Due to the county’s high-income levels, combined with its property tax regulations, Oldham County schools are highly sought after. LaGrange is a quaint small town just 20 minutes northeast of Louisville. It contains enough commercial stores to take care of your everyday needs and it’s just up the road from Louisville where you might go to take in a show or sporting event. LaGrange has a population of about 8,000, which might just appeal to your desire to simplify life down to the most important things.


Shepherdsville is a place on the Salt River, located a bit south of Louisville. It has a population of about 14,000 and it’s a perfect place to look for a starter home for your family. The real estate here is very affordable. It’s peaceful, safe, and has easy access to the city, which makes it easy for people looking for a job in Louisville. 


Even though it’s fairly close to the city center, you can still enjoy a suburban lifestyle living in Jeffersontown. Families love Skyview Park for recreational activities, but also for taking a stroll near the Papa Johns Park Waterfall. A 2022 median listing price in this suburb was about $260,000, whereas the average rent for an apartment was about $1,200. 


Anchorage is a small city located within Louisville proper. It has its own schools, police, and fire department. This eastern Louisville location is surely one of the top suburbs in the city. Its convenient location, rural feel, and lots of restaurants and greenery make it a great place to live. But keep in mind it’s not cheap. You get what you pay for so expect prices to be higher in an amazing place like this.


Just a 40-minute drive away from Louisville, Bardstown makes perfect sense for people looking for an affordable home in a rather safe and peaceful part of Kentucky. Low crime rates and cost of living are what attract people in the first place, but there’s more this small town can offer. If you’re looking for a tight-knit community close to a big city – this would be a great place to go. 

St Matthews

Another one of the Louisville areas to consider is St Matthews. A popular choice among families with kids has a population of about 20,000 and most of the residents own their homes. The location is right in the heart of the city so you can get anywhere in town in just 20 minutes. Families love hanging out at Brown Park and Arthur K Draut Park, and there are plenty of restaurants to choose from along Shelbyville Road. 

Photo of a suburban neighborhood
Living in the suburbs will almost always bring a new level of comfort and security. 

Essential Steps for Moving to the Louisville Suburbs 

Whether you want to switch from a busy city environment to the peaceful suburbs, or you’re moving to the Louisville area for the first time, these are the steps you shouldn’t skip.

Firstly, do thorough research on the market with your agent, so you can find a home that will meet all your priorities but still fit your budget. Top local agents know all the areas and can help you to evaluate which Louisville areas to consider and make house-hunting easier. 

Next, revise, declutter and organize your household before moving. Relocation is the perfect moment to start fresh – remove all the items that eat the space in your home, but also stop you from thriving and enjoying your home. 

Finally, do your best to organize a smooth relocation process, especially if you’re moving long-distance. For moving a complete household – experienced and skilled experts are the best choice. Explore your moving options and look for a reliable Kentucky moving team that will minimize the chances for you to have a headache and worry about the safety of your belongings. 

Relocation to a suburb in the Louisville area can be the right move if you’re looking for a slower-paced lifestyle not too far away from the city itself. This could be a great new life chapter for your family and a safe place for your kids to have a great childhood.