8 Different Types of Garages for Your Home

When it comes to garages for your vehicle there are plenty of options as we’ll talk about shortly. This doesn’t even talk about all the different garage door options. Then you have building materials, roof types, and more. But for this post, we’ll simply highlight the eight different types of garages available to most homes.

Photo of a home with an attractive attached garage
The attached garage is by far the most common type of garage in Louisville, Kentucky.

Most of the time, you get the garage that comes with the home. Other times you may have a choice!  If you don’t have any other things on your mind concerning your vehicle – such as the need to contact a DUI defense lawyer – then let’s take a look at eight different types of garages for your home!

Detached Garages

Just as the name implies, a detached garage will have nothing to do with your home. Most of the time it’ll be located behind the home. Just be careful to look into neighborhood deed restrictions to see what you may or may not do. Often you have more freedom of design with these than with other types of garages.

Attached Garages

Obviously, while the detached garage does not touch the house, the attached version certainly does. This is the most popular type of garage in America today. They provide a seamless transition between the garage and the home’s interior. Designed for vehicles, they can also be used as workshops or for storage purposes.

Portico/ Breezeway Garages

This type of garage is a mix of the first two listed. A portico garage implies building a breezeway that connects your home with the garage. It is commonly used by those who want to enjoy the benefits of an attached garage when they have a detached option available.

Workshop Garages

A garage workshop are usually oversized compared to usual garages. Some have four or more bays for multiple cars or trucks. Besides your vehicles, you will also be able to fit a workbench or other equipment. If you love to work on your car or do some woodworking this would be the natural choice for you and all your tools.

Garages with an Upstairs Home

If the house is on the small side, it might make sense to have a small living space or apartment above the garage. These are often called carriage houses. This garage type is known to be quite cost-effective and efficient.

Carport Garages

The least expensive type of garage is the carport. This type can be thought of as an open garage simply because it has no walls. It’s just a roof to protect your vehicle from the elements.

Portable Carport

Did you know that they have portable carports? Well, they do! If you don’t want to commit to a full-fledged garage or carport can choose a portable version. These are very inexpensive but do not provide the same level of protection as any of the other different types of garages.


Maybe not technically a garage, people can use an old barn as a garage. If it’s there, why not? It could be the perfect combination of proper car storage and extra space for storage and work. You may need to run an electrical line to your barn if you plan to install a mechanical door or operate equipment that requires electricity.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, there are garage types for everyone out there. It doesn’t matter if you want to design or decorate a classic garage, or you simply want a place to safely store your car. There are lots of options!