8 Tips for Decorating a Small Living Space

Less really can be more. And small living spaces can be comfortable and functional with a little planning. But how do you choose which furniture stays and which will go? If you’re looking for ideas to make your small space more livable, here are eight tips for decorating to get you started.

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1. Take Advantage of Hidden Storage

Limit clutter and expand your storage space by choosing furniture with built-in storage. Use a trunk or ottoman as a coffee table with room to store blankets or toys. Consider a small chest of drawers along the perimeter instead of a console table for more storage options.

2. Put Your Furniture to Work

Choose furniture pieces that give back double duty as you conserve space. A desk isn’t just a desk. It can double as a dining table in a small apartment. A side table isn’t just a side table. When two are put together, it becomes a coffee table to rest beverages on or your laptop.

Want to get business done while you’re relaxing? An adjustable PC Table can allow you to work from the comfort of your living room chair.

3. Be Bold

Don’t be afraid to make a statement in a small space. Bright bold accents can make a small space appear larger. Add statement pieces and mix and match patterns to make it bright, cheery, and playful.

4. Add Plants and Mirrors

Mirrors make your space instantly look larger so it doesn’t feel so boxed in. Improve light and add depth by positioning a mirror across from a window. The mirror will reflect the outside view making it look like you have an extra window.

In addition, the lush greenery of indoor plants helps trick the mind into thinking the room is more spacious. Use plants in corners or beside and behind chairs or sofas.

5. Get Smart with Lighting

Save room on your side tables and floor space by installing lighting on your walls or hanging lights from your ceiling. Swingarm lamps installed on the wall help you save space while allowing you to adjust the light to be right where you need it.

6. Centralize Your Furniture

Not all furniture has to be pushed against the wall. Keep your furniture central to create space beyond the furniture and add volume to the room.

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7. Sit Low

Choosing low seating in the living room keeps the room from feeling crowded. Choose chairs or sofas with low-exposed legs to make the room feel airier.

8. Squeeze in as Much Comfort as Possible

Small space doesn’t mean you need to sabotage your comfort. Be picky and choosy about the pieces you select and make sure they’re the most comfortable options available. When less is more, make sure you choose higher quality.

If you live in an apartment or an older home with smaller rooms, decorating can present a real challenge. But if you follow a few simple guidelines and learn how to make your limited space seem larger, you can create a fantastic living space in the smallest of areas. Try these tips for decorating today to make your small spaces seem much bigger!

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Chris McNair is the manager of European Leather Gallery, one of the premier Ekornes Stressless dealers in the country. He’s passionate about comfort and Scandinavian design.