A Kitchen Makeover For the Holiday Season

How prepared are you for Holiday entertaining? Recall the last time you gathered your family together for the holidays. Can’t remember the last time you organized drawers? Come on, let’s clean the turkey pan since it didn’t fit in the sink. That was your last holiday meal in your old, inefficient kitchen. When your home is the gathering place for the whole family during the holiday season, you might need a kitchen makeover! 

Photo of a kitchen makoever with current style and finish

It is always a pleasure to watch food cook in the oven, to have a drink with family in the kitchen, and to catch up on daily news. Providing your kitchen is up to the task, this can lead to some pleasant holiday memories. If your kitchen is cramped, disorganized, and doesn’t have an island with seating, cooking, and entertaining, you may feel like you are living in the bad parts of your life. Let alone your outdated kitchen cabinets, outdated appliances, and cluttered countertop, which never seems to improve.

But before splurging on costly appliances, it is better to read online reviews before buying new ones. You will feel more relaxed knowing that your remodel will be completed in time for the holidays. This will turn out to be one of the most beautiful kitchens you have ever seen. You will also be able to host entertaining events in the future.

Do Your Research

It is imperative that you research and plan before beginning a kitchen makeover. You might want to think about the kitchen you have right now. How does it work for you? Where do you need it improved?

Your renovation budget might not allow for brand new cabinets, but you can still reface your existing cabinets for a lot less. Are you thinking of e-space for technology? Both the timeline and the budget will be affected by the scope of the work. Knowing what your needs are and understanding all your options is crucial.

Design Out-Of-The-Way Seating

If you plan to cook, consider adding a window seat or sofa so your guests can relax while you cook. In most kitchens, bar stools are located at the counter, but lounge seats are more comfortable and easier for elderly guests to use than bar stools. A built-in seating system may include pots and platters as well as storage.

A bright cushion and pleasant garden view make this window seat in the kitchen feel inviting. To make your kitchen more welcoming for your guests without major renovations, consider adding a lounge seat to the window. If you’re interested in a kitchen makeover down the road, keep these things in mind when planning.

Modern Appliances

Photo of a kitchen makover with high end appliances

With today’s appliances, you get both a sleek built-in design and energy-saving technology. These two trends will make it possible for you to have the extra-large refrigerator or stove you’ve been dreaming of without taking away from your room’s design or increasing your energy bill significantly. If you’re searching for kitchen appliances, look for ones that make entertaining easy and everyday life a little more luxurious, such as affordable wine chillers or espresso machines.

Get New Countertops

Adding a beautiful new countertop to your home can enhance its value. It may be possible for you to have a new countertop before your next holiday gathering if you act quickly. What more could you ask for this holiday season? Your family and friends won’t believe it was done so quickly, and you can rest assured that you will enjoy it for years to come.

Practical Flooring

Our first consideration when we are doing a home makeover is the flooring. It certainly needs to work well with the cabinets and your color scheme. Down South Renovations owner Caesar Bullion knows from experience that tile is best for both budget and durability. “Tile won’t have to be replaced until you hate it!” He also finds that many homeowners would rather upgrade to porcelain than ceramic tiles due to their moisture resistance. But wood floors or even luxury vinyl plank (LVP) are also options you should consider.

Add a Pop of Color

A new paint job does not always have to be done when you want to change the color of your kitchen. Adding a new accent wall to your kitchen is an easy, inexpensive way to update it and give it a modern outlook. In addition to saving time, simple, colorful additions can also awaken the mood in your kitchen.

Another surefire way to add color is with plants and flowers. Whether you want to go the artificial route if you lack a “green thumb” or sign on to care for an indoor house plant, that’s your choice. You can also always order flowers online for a faster approach!

Your kitchen will be brightened up with the addition of a colored rug. You can also use rugs to keep the holiday baking mess at a minimum – if the kids spill flour and sprinkles on the floor, just shake the rug and it will be clean again.

A Kitchen Island

A kitchen with an island seems to beckon you to stay as long as you like. Therefore, it is no surprise that Bullion’s most frequently-requested feature is a multifunctional island. “If you want more seating areas or surface space, it’s the way to go,” says Bullion. The key to maximizing value is to maximize every square inch. The greater the surface area, the more possibilities you have for food preparation, serving, and gathering.

Also, when planning your kitchen makeover, think about the best place for your electrical outlets. Today they can be subtly hidden into islands, beneath counters, or even built into the counters themselves as pop-ups, adding another flexibility to their use.

Change the Faucet

For every kitchen makeover, you want to fix anything that’s currently broken. Are you living with a leaky, low-pressure faucet? Now is the time for a new one. While it’s possible to replace a faucet on your own, with the help of a qualified plumber, the work will be done correctly without any effort from you.

Get Creative with Lighting

When it comes to lights, the answer is usually “more.” If you put up strands of white bulbs or battery-operated candles strategically placed throughout the kitchen in a way that makes an instant visual impact as soon as the sun goes down (so early this time of year), your kitchen will look completely different. You can also install LED lights under your cabinets to brighten darker areas and show off your backsplash and counters.

Add Open Shelves rr Glass-Front Cabinets

Here’s an idea, did you know that you’ll help guests feel more by keeping glass-front cabinets with dishes and barware so that they can easily find items without asking questions? During the Holidays, you want your friends and family to enjoy helping themselves.

Depending on how close Christmas is, you might not be able to complete your dream kitchen makeover in time. But small changes can make a big difference! Then you can spend more time planning a bigger project down the road.