Amazing Ways to Decorate Your Home with Flowers

Nothing brings more joy and personality to a room than freshly-cut flowers. This makes them a great option for interior design. When you choose to decorate your home with flowers, your house will become a safe haven where you feel happy and relaxed.

Photo of a woman designing flower arrangements for her home
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Why add flowers to your decoration?

There are many perks and reasons why it’s excellent to decorate your home with flowers. I mean, it even improves oxygen circulation. Let’s learn more!

Adds color

Depending on the effect you’re trying to give to your rooms, you can complement the color palette with a bright contrasting color or just add texture, reaffirming the colors you’re already using in the space you’re improving. 

Based on the effect you want the arrangement to give, you can get many flowers and create an enormous display that will catch all the eyes, or you can go for something minimalistic and get an orchid delivery to your home. This could work great for you as a centerpiece for your dining table or maybe just as a decoration for your side table. 

Pairing the colors of your pots with the flowers’ shade is an elegant trick that never fails to give your room a boost. 

Fights bad odors

Try arranging flowers with strong scents like jasmine, gardenia, or chrysanthemum in areas where undesirable odors tend to accumulate. This way their vivid smell will help you fight them. 

You can either purchase or harvest the flowers when they’re still buds, and they will bloom inside of your house in a couple of days, making their scent stronger. 

Naturally improves the mood

The mix of colors and scents in floral arrangements is meant to work similarly to aromatherapy would, relaxing you and stabilizing your mood. 

The relevance of choosing the right vase

While tall, sculptural vases might be beautifully complemented with a few flowers for an elegant and simplistic look, small or wide vases are the right choice for you if you want the flowers to be the main character of your arrangement. 

Anything can be a vase

Empty can? Empty bottle? Empty recipient of any kind? Fill it with flowers! 

Don’t let anything stop you when it comes to repurposing your unused containers as flower vases. A single flower in a lightbulb, a perfume bottle, or shot glass is a great decoration to give pops of color to shelves or tables where you don’t want to take too much space. It’s the quickest way to make the decoration appear carefully thought and planned. 

While big bowls are perfect for flowers from other arrangements that might be closer to drying, placing the blossoms directly in water helps you keep them alive for longer. Plus, it looks beautiful and stylish as a decoration for any space. 

Place flowers in uncommon spots

When placing your vases, remember that being creative isn’t only using the flowers and pots creatively; putting them in unusual spots can be a fantastic way to enhance your spaces and get the best out of your arrangements. 

Put a flower shelf up

Instead of just adding little spots of color to your decoration, dedicate an entire corner to your room to flowers. Choose a particular color you’re trying to highlight.  An ombre arrangement or a rainbow palette would instantly give life to your rooms without requiring that much effort or time. 

Mix flowers with other decorations

Candles, shells, pebbles, and marbles are simple ways to accompany your favorite flowers and give them personality. 

Pick big flowers that have been heavily arranged. But don’t add leaves or additional ornaments if you’re trying to go for a simplistic look so that the arrangements cohesively complete the decoration. 

Hang them in little containers outside

Place single stalks on bottles and hang them in your backyard as a way to boost your open spaces. You can also line them up or arrange them creatively on an empty or damaged wall. 

Floral chandelier/ceiling mount

Usually, we arrange the flowers on a vase or table, but what if you hang them upside down? That’s creative! And it’s also a beautiful way of brightening up small spaces without using up actual valuable space.

Photo Credit: Pexels

In conclusion, let your mind create!

There is no limit to the different ways you can decorate your home with flowers. So give yourself the chance to explore all the possibilities. Then create a beautiful, bright home where you want to go to rest after a long day. 

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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