Architecture Services: What Architects Can Do for Your Building Project

Do you know if you need architecture services? A building project is such a delicate and complicated task that requires the input of architects and other professionals to succeed. When building your dream home, architecture is the most important aspect. It’s the only expertise that is needed from beginning to end. Likewise, architects have to work with all other service providers to ensure that the work is going on as planned.

Photo of an architect working on house blueprints
Sometimes a draftsman performs the same types of service as an architect. It’s good to know the differences. | Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko

That said, you need to understand the architecture services you can get from a professional firm when you have a construction project. You do not need to take all the services, just what you need for your project. Read on to learn more.

Planning Permission Drawing

Project inception starts with planning for your home, commercial houses, or any other construction project. Regardless, you will need to seek architecture services to plan. Many firms offer different packages in this stage, so you need to understand the services to make the right decisions.

  • Designs and plans drawing – Planning and drawing house or project designs go together. The architect will start with drafts before discussing the amendments with the client. After that, they can make the final drawings. These include floor plans, structural plans, site plans, electrical and plumbing plans, and all others. 
  • Construction documents gathering – For the purposes of planning permission application, the architects also help in gathering construction documents needed for approval. They include title deeds, property agreements, and other paperwork.
  • Permission and approval application – Lastly, at this stage, the architectural firm will do the permission and approval seeking application. Some are done online while others are submitted physically. 

Building Regulations Plans

It is part of the architecture services to do building regulations plans. They start with a feasibility analysis of the site and the entire project and make reports regarding its viability. Sometimes, they are required by the relevant authorities to submit their recommendations to ensure that the project meets all of the building regulations.

As the owner, you must work closely with the architectural firm to discuss any changes, new designs, and see any challenges will be handled. Although building regulation planning is a tough stage, especially for larger projects, a company that provided reliable architecture services will help you.

Renovations, Extensions, and Conversions

Apart from building new projects, people also renovate, make extensions, and do house conversions. According to experts, these projects are more delicate because they are executed on existing buildings. Luckily, it is on the list of architecture services you can get from a professional company. 

The first step they take is to assess the project and make a report on the viability of the project. They proceed to draw plans for the extensions and conversions. Renovations may not need detailed plans and instead will use single interior design plans. 

If there is any permissions application and approval seeking, the architectural firm will help you as well. However, you need to understand all the services they offer at this stage before you engage them.

Party Wall Agreement Arbitration

People sharing walls on their properties may need expert and legal intervention before they make changes or build new structures on their side. Again, this is part of architecture services provided by experts.

As the client, you do not need to do anything as the experts take over. They process the legal agreement have both parties sign it and present it to the legal authorities needed to do approvals. Your architectural firm will work closely with legal experts to ensure that all parties are served fairly.

Project Management and Supervision

Lastly, let’s discuss project management and supervision, which are also on the list of architecture services you might get from professionals. Architectural firms are the best to supervise your building or conversion project because they understand it from inception. 

As they supervise, they work closely with other service providers such as constructors, roofing experts, interior designers, electricians, and plumbers, among others. They also use the right tools to guarantee the quality of work and timelines. Most importantly, architects who supervise construction projects keep the client updated.


It is clear that there are many architecture services on top of plans drawings, which many people know. It will no longer be a surprise to know that an architectural firm can help you with party wall agreements, extensions and conversions, and permission seeking. Now you know.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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