Simple Steps to an Amazing Kitchen Renovation

Remodeling projects can be a nightmare. No one wants to be frustrated or waste money. It doesn’t have to be this way.  Having a functional kitchen is vitally important and if yours isn’t then you know a project is in your future. Before you dive right in, follow these simple steps to an amazing kitchen renovation and you won’t be sorry.

Simple Steps to an Amazing Kitchen Renovation
Is this the kind of amazing kitchen renovation you’re looking for?

1. Develop Your Design Plan

A successful renovation is a type that is born out of great research. Regarding business proposals, one should have a clear-cut goal for renovating the kitchen. Is it for the need to upgrade the electrical wiring? Perhaps the kids want a dining section? Maybe the appliances aren’t in good shape anymore?

These are blueprints for the bigger picture of the kitchen.

  • A great place to start is the kitchen renovation store. You’ll find options galore and some of the latest kitchen products.
  • Discover awesome kitchen designs from favorite magazines. Cut them out and keep them in a folder.
  • When it comes to your ideal kitchen, identify which features are most important. Think about colors, lighting, cabinet styles, countertops, and appliances.
  • Similarly, it is important to communicate with your designer some of the things you don’t like. This will prevent the designer from suggesting such elements for your project.

Following these steps, your designer will devise a plan to construct the dream kitchen.

Don’t forget to seek advice from friends. This is especially suitable for friends that recently concluded renovation work. If their kitchen looks great, why not pick their brain for ideas? Take lots of pictures and show them to your designer as well.

2. Build the Budget

Photo of new granite counter tops
Granite has been a desired countertop for many kitchen renovations but today there are many great options.

Today, kitchen renovations are a great investment. That hasn’t always been the case. Sometimes, homeowners sell a property when they move into a new house. A renovated kitchen always increases the value of the home. Depending on the condition of your old kitchen and the choices you make for the new kitchen, gains are often 120%-150% of your investment. If you have a trusted real estate expert, their analysis of your particular situation has great value in your decision-making process.

Always created a budget plan before you begin. Some experts say using 15% of the value of the home should serve as the budget. But this wouldn’t count when the designer can come up with a cost-effective budget. For example, sturdy and outdated cabinets may not require replacement. Refacing or simply painting cabinets can save a kitchen renovation a great deal of money.

3. Hiring the Contractor

Contractors play a major role in the success of the renovation project. Considering this, you should invest a good amount of time in selecting the best possible contractor. Listen to as many opinions as possible. But those who have navigated a successful renovation should be given more weight.

A reputable and professional contractor must have an album of projects that show their work. Ask them for referrals from past clients. When interviewing contractors, ask a lot of questions. Here are some you might use:

  • What percentage of your projects are completed on budget?
  • What percentage of your projects are completed within the time estimate?
  • How many projects have you completed in the past 12 months?
  • How many of your projects are for kitchens?
  • Do you have an in-house designer? Is there a fee for the designer’s service?

Interview at least three contractors, more if you desire. It’s a big decision. You should feel comfortable when the time comes to pick your contractor. Remember, experienced real estate professionals should have some advice to share from their client base.

Hopefully, these simple steps to an amazing kitchen renovation will have you well on your way to that dream kitchen you’ve always dreamed of! If interested, you might like to read Top 8 Trends When Updating My Louisville Kitchen.