Average Cost of Installing French Doors

The desire to make your home more attractive is natural for every homeowner. Depending on your home’s layout, maybe you’re looking to update your home’s exterior doors. Or maybe you’re thinking about an interior renovation. Before your start any project, it’s always smart to look into the costs. In this piece, we’ll look at the costs of installing French doors of various types. After all, there are lots of new options available today. 

Double sliding barn doors

A simple option for renovation is a French door for the interior. It is enough to choose a suitable model, which will look harmonious with the rest of the interior and exterior decor elements. The large glass surface will allow natural light to penetrate freely into the rooms. You will be able to enjoy relaxing, watching the scenery outside the window.

Cost of French Doors Installation by Door Type

The catalog offers different types of French models that look stylish and exclusive in any home. They are sliding or single, telescopic models. The cost to add French doors is influenced by the size, the complexity of installation, and other factors. To make sure that the selected type is ideal for your home, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features of each model.

Single In-Swing 

This model opens to the inside of the room. The inside is made of glass. How much does it cost to install a French door? The approximate cost of a French door will be up to $1,000.

Double In-Swing 

Swing-in French doors

Minimum French door installation costs are $400. If you choose a larger door with decorative components, the price increases to $4,500. Included are two sashes, a frame, and a crossbar may be included or purchased separately. Most often the model is installed as an interior door.

Double Out-Swing 

The lack of space is not a reason to abandon the French door. It is enough to choose a model that opens outward. The classic version will cost $400. More exclusive options can cost as much as $4,500.

Single Sliding 

The sliding door is ideal for access to the patio, with only one section opening. The model helps save space perfectly, and the average cost of installing French doors ranges from $800 to $2,000.

Center-Hinged In-Swing

This option is most often installed in rooms with access to the street. How much does it cost to install a French door? The cost is up to 1500 dollars. Performed in the classic form, one door is moving, and the second remains in place.

Interior French doors with clear glass inserts

Possible Additional Costs

Before you start repair labor, you need to make an estimate, on the basis of which to distribute the family budget. However, the check is not limited to the installation itself. Often there are additional expenses that need to be paid immediately. These can be:

  1. A storm door kit. When weather conditions worsen, French models need to be protected from the elements. Therefore, consider a storm door kit.
  2. Replacing the front door. Many owners try to decorate all interior items in the same style, so after installing a French door, move on to replacing the front door. This way, the house will look more attractive and its value will increase.
  3. Increasing the level of security. The presence of quality fittings may not be enough – often the installation of additional locks, CCTV cameras, alarms, and so on.

When a new French door is installed, you need to take care to have a budget for unscheduled repairs. When handled carelessly, the glass breaks – it needs to be replaced, and the hardware also fails over time. 200-300 dollars for such work will be enough.

Benefits of Installing French Doors with Contractor

The first benefit of installing new designs is to increase the level of natural light in the house. However, there are other positive aspects as well. The most significant is the increase in energy efficiency. If you choose a model with double or triple glazing, the rooms will be much warmer. Cold air will not penetrate from the outside and warm air will remain inside the room. 

The second aspect is improved functionality. Moving from room to room will be much easier and faster if one of the sliding designs is open all the time. This option is great for large families or those who have frequent guests.

The final advantage is increased security. In addition to standard hardware, French models come with additional locks that provide better protection against unauthorized entry.

Final Words

Before you buy a new door, you need to think carefully about what type of material is needed, glazing (double, triple, and so on), design, and more. The average cost of installing a classic French door will cost a few thousand dollars, but there may always be extras on the check. Have some extra cash on hand so that any out-of-the-blue expenses don’t blow your budget.

You can consult with a manager before ordering. The specialists also make measurements and can recommend the best variant of the French models for your house. Explore the options in the catalog, and then contact the operators to order further services.