Awesome Interior Design Ideas for Kids

If you are building or remodeling your home, what do you do with your kid’s rooms? Sure, you could let them design it but it’s even better to give them some interior design ideas for kids that they can choose from.

There are lots of home improvement concepts out there. Giving your kids a space of their own will help them feel secure in their space. With that in mind, read on to learn about some great ideas you can implement to suit your kids.

Photo of a kid's room with a triptych picture on the wall

1. Under the Stairs Kid Cubicle 

A consistently great interior design idea is to use an under-utilized space to make it awesome. How about the space underneath your stairs? With sites like Pinterest, learn how others took advantage of their under the stairs space.

Sure, people always need storage, but it could also be a playroom, filled with small toys or games. Or maybe a reading nook. Don’t forget the bookshelves and comfy chair!

Dedicating a space just to your kids makes them feel special and included. And isn’t that a brilliant thing?

2. Custom Kid’s Wallpaper

Kid's mural

Kids don’t care about adult styles. They want things that are fun! Think about it, when was the last time your child wanted someone else to pick out something for them?

If you give your kids a choice of colorful kid’s wallpaper to redecorate their room, they’ll be psyched! cannot help but have a messed-up surface in the home if you have kids around you. Don’t stop by just searching for “wallpaper” because there are cool murals and even custom wallpaper made from photos you’ve taken! How cool is that?!

3. Indoor Tree Fort

One of the interior design ideas for kids that’s really hot right now is an indoor tree fort. It can actually be any kind of fort really. But if you have space, build raised fort that they can actually climb. Kids love to climb! Going outside might be better but that’s not always possible. You can fulfill their climbing desires and ensure their safety by creating a tree fort in the home.

4. Artwork Collections

One way you can help build your kids’ mental ability is by providing good visuals for them. Kids are thrilled by what they see. This improves their mental health. You can use beautiful art collections to offer your kids lovely things to see.

Photo of an artwork collection

Let your kids wake up to see visually safe artworks in the home. There are several incredible kids’ artwork collections by ElephantStock that you can use in your home. When it comes to interior design ideas for kids, great visuals are always rank high on the list.

5. Built-in Beds

Providing an excellent place to sleep is critical for childhood development. But why not make it fun at the same time? Consider building a kid’s bed with shelves or stacked two or even three high. Your kids will absolutely love them!

Photo of a kid's room with a built-in bed.

Built-in bunks look amazing and allow you to customize your kids’ bedroom to match their personalities. Let them help customize the building of the beds or picking from choices of beds online. There’s a confidence that comes from being part of the creating process.


If you have kids, they should be included when you make renovations or improvements to their rooms. They may even come up with an idea you didn’t think of yourself. Be bold! After all, you’re only a child once.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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