Before You Move To-Do List

Making a new place home is a milestone and gives your life a fresh start. Nonetheless, many people dread the relocation process as it is physically exhausting and can emotionally drain anyone. There’s so much to do! So, what should you focus on before you move?

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With more and more people moving to the suburbs, there’s actually a far greater demand for movers and moving-related companies now than in the recent past. It makes it all the more important to have thorough planning and preparation.

Experts recommend starting the planning process months in advance, but people don’t always take this advice. Although moving in few days is challenging, it is not impossible. One of the general habits of successful people is that they follow a disciplined routine and organize everything. Maintaining a checklist will help you stay focused, and you can accomplish your tasks conveniently.

Before You Move

This year, strategize your moving process, and it won’t be a hassle. Below we are listing some pre-moving arrangements that you can make, and the whole procedure will be like a breeze for you:

1. Book a Storage Unit

We all possess some valuable things which hold sentimental value, and the likelihood of losing such items is disturbing to us. During relocation, a lot goes on, and our mind is in a whirlwind of different things. It is highly likely that you misplace your precious items and then regret it.

You must have heard that it is better to be safe than sorry, and in this case, it would be best if you secure a storage facility. Storage units help you by keeping your valuables safe for as long as you want. These facilities have cameras installed, and when you keep your precious items in storage units, you can be at peace that your treasured items are in safe hands. 

2. Sort Things Out

Moving means packing, and usually, when we take all our belongings out, we realize that we have been hoarding unnecessary stuff. Experts say that the fewer possessions you take along, the easier your move will be. Taking nonessential items to your new home will not only add up moving boxes but will also make your new place cluttered.

This year, when you arrange your stuff for packing, make a pile of things you have not utilized in three months. If you have not used something is such a long time, chances are you may never use it again, and it is better to pass it. Besides, your new home will have plenty of options, so if you really need it you can buy a new one. 

3. Notify Utilities

Utility services have a procedure to follow, and most require you to alert them beforehand. Typically, people keep these things for the last day, and then they pay for extra days. To avoid trouble for the final day, you must notify your utility service provider earlier and arrange it.

A smart move is to have your utility services for a day or two more than you need, as things may change last minute. Similarly, you cannot spend a day without electricity and water, so it is better to have the necessary services installed in your new abode a few days before moving in. Furthermore, make sure that you clear your outstanding dues as no one wants people chasing them in a new neighborhood for money.

4. Change Address

Another significant step that many people overlook is changing the address in banks and other official documents. The metropolitan services require your address for million things, and as a dutiful citizen, you must notify them before relocating. Moreover, you would not want to miss out on your favorite magazine, so it is better to update your address on your subscriptions.

5. Reserve Movers

I’ve saved the most important for last! Movers are key unless you are planning on trying to move your own possessions. Experts typically discourage going this route, especially if you’re moving long distances. You may end up spending much more by harming your expensive furniture items or other pieces.

If you happen to be in the area, NYC movers have trained professionals and have the right equipment to most easily transport your belongings without damage.

People think that movers are not the busiest people in town, and they can book them at the eleventh hour, but they could not be more wrong. Movers may have prior commitments and thus may not facilitate you at your desired time. This year, to avoid any last-minute surprises, book movers at least two weeks before the moving day. Then, make a follow-up call to confirm.


Planning has never harmed anyone. Instead, it makes the tasks more manageable. Moving to a different place can be an exhilarating experience, but it does need you to be vigilant. Making a to-do list, scheduling your tasks, and secure first-rate movers to make the whole process go smoothly. It’s never been more important to get ahead of the curve and plan ahead before you move.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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