Best Material for Your Bathroom Partition Budget

Do you feel that your restaurant, office, or hotel bathroom needs some remodeling or upgrade? If so, you’ve got to consider a lot of design bits including the bathroom partition pricing as this will determine what kind of tile you like to lay on the floor, how many stalls are there going to be, or how many sinks you will install, or how all the components will be supposed to be set out.

Photo of a restaurant bathroom

All of these are important questions that you must address in order to ensure that you get the right partition design in your commercial space. However, there is another question that is also equally important as above, and that is as to what materials should your bathroom partitions be made out of.

What Material is Best Used for Bathroom Partitions?

At present, there are five materials that are being widely used as bathroom partitions that you can choose from. Every content form has its own distinctive strengths and weaknesses. Each has its own benefits, and for some purposes, each form of material is made.

Let’s study the most common materials for bathroom partitions to help you make your choice.

1. Powder-coated steel material for bathroom partitions

One of the most widely used partition components is powder-coated steel.

The powder-coated steel material is one that is made from taking a panel of honeycomb cardboard. This material is incredibly light but is a very sturdy substance at the same time. This powder-coated steel material is coated with dense sheets of metal on each of the sides and then this will be coated with powder color. 

One of the biggest benefits of this type of material for a bathroom partition is that it is the most economical out of the five common materials because its price starts from $200 up to $300. However, this will still be dependent on the size and quantity you need to buy, so there is a possibility that the price will increase to as much as $900 or more. This content typically comes with a guarantee as well.

For this sort of material, there may be a lack of variation, as color choices appear to be minimal. Partitions made from powder-coated steel often provide only a modest degree of vandalism and graffiti safety. They are resistant to rust and corrosion, but cannot always tolerate excessive quantities of water.

2. Bathroom partitions that are made out of plastic laminate material

This form of partition is actually the next step away from the powder-coated steel and if you’re about to remodel, it will make a fine substitute.

The value of this sort of content is that it is so common that it is available in a wide range of colors and designs. With a plastic laminate material, you can easily customize the content that you want to use for the partition. It’s an economical choice as well. A few years is the standard warranty for these kinds of partitions.

The substance should not be used somewhere where significant volumes of water or even high humidity levels can be applied to it. Strong plastic is another material alternative to remember in wet conditions.

3. Solid plastic material for bathroom partition

The next substance stage to grow from plastic laminate is solid plastic. When a partition is made of solid plastic, that implies that it is made of solid polymer plastic panels, usually an inch thick. Strong plastic partitions are considered to be highly durable and highly resistant to almost anything that could damage them, such as mold, moisture, common cleaners, and rust.

How robust they are is the main benefit of these partitions. Almost any kind of climate, dry or rainy, hot or cold, can be withstood. They’re easy to vacuum and have plenty of wear and tear to handle. The warranties that are available will vary, however, there are sellers who can give you as long as 15 years for a warranty because this material can really last for a long time. 

If you are looking for a long-lasting, tough partition, it might be worth the financial commitment for a solid plastic partition. The price will begin at about $400, but depending on size and quantity, it can go even higher. Even if there could be a larger price point, if you chose solid plastic as your partition material, you get what you pay for. 

In addition to these perks, plastic partitions are also available in special versions specially designed to be resistant to scratches and vandalism. Such versions can be marginally more pricey, but they are a safe investment. For years, they will last without having to be replaced.

4. Bathroom partition that is made out of the phenolic core

The phenolic core material is made out of paper layers that are pressed together and then soaked in a film of phenolic resin. It is a synthetic polymer, and under tough conditions, it is another kind of substance that is highly durable and likely to hold up well.

What makes phenolic core material valuable is its stability and long life cycle. For bathroom partitions that are made out of the phenolic core, these partitions are impact-resistant, thus, this partition will be very hard to vandalize. Since they do well with water, this suggests that they are quick to clean and ideal for a wide range of conditions. They’re also immune to bacteria and corrosion.

Since this material makes the partitions so tough, these versions are a little more costly than the plastic partitions. 

5. Stainless steel material for bathroom partition

The top-of-the-line are partitions created from stainless steel. Stainless steel offers an obviously classy, more advanced feeling that cannot be accomplished by the other partitions, particularly if the remodel is for an office or business setting. With designs, partitions made of stainless steel may be smooth or etched.

The first advantage is aesthetic beauty. These partitions can look high-end and elegant, as well as rust and crack resistant while being highly robust.

Even though stainless steel will cost you twice as much as the powder-coated material, you can think of your bathroom partition installment as an investment instead of just a mere expense. So, if longevity and appearance are crucial for your choices, then you will surely love using stainless steel as it will surely last long as compared to the other types.