Best Places to Invest in Real Estate: An Analysis of 5 US Cities

Real estate investments have always been a big deal. Every year, there are more opportunities to invest and make some big cash. This field comes with the understanding that things may go wrong. For every person where things went well, there is double the number of those that flopped. Everything is dependent on where you invest. With that in mind, here are sharing five of the best places to invest in real estate in the U.S.

Photo of some homes in Atlanta Georgia

When building this list, we included different aspects of the city, including business growth, population rates, development opportunities, and more. We’re looking for trends that are moving higher. Read on!

1. Atlanta

With an increasing population rate of 4.2% and a rise in employment, home value, and rental yield, I can think of no better place to invest than in Atlanta. Property values are rising consistently. The profit potential is large. When shopping for a real estate mortgage consider Clopton Capital to get a great deal. Financing is perhaps the most important aspect of all real estate investing.

2. Kansas City

Kansas City has made its mark this year. Do the research and you’ll see that they have a high median rent range. Their population is also increasing substantially, which is great for rental income.  Include Kansas City in your list of best places to invest.

3. Las Vegas

Las Vegas speaks for itself as it is a place of the high life. Millions of people visit each year. Many even relocate. Reputation aside, the growth of the city is quite attractive to any investor. But you have to follow the smart money. The growth opportunities are there but may be sure to work with an experienced, local professional. Without this inside advisor, investing in Las Vegas real estate would be like playing roulette.

4. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is a fast-moving city that is quickly making its mark in the real estate industry. With the kind of upward momentum that we see here, the future of this city looks very bright. Ask the investors there and they will tell you they plan on expanding their investments in this city.

5. Jacksonville

Jacksonville has often been rated as an above-average city. Actually, not only in Jacksonville but also in a couple of cities in Florida. But with a rental yield of 7% and population growth of 3%, their business outlook is amazing. Dig in a see what real estate options are open for you in the Sunshine State.

The most important point to take away from this is to work with a local real estate expert who understands the local market. Ask people you know in the city to tell you who they believe has a rock-solid reputation. The reason is this so important is because each city is different. Methods and strategies that work well in one city may not work in another.