Is It Better to Sell Your Property Furnished?

When it comes to the buying and selling of real estate, everyone is on the lookout for a good bargain. The buyer is looking to buy a property with the most beneficial features at the lowest price, while the seller is looking to sell his/her property to the highest bidder who’ll close right away.

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But if you sell your property furnished, will it fetch a better sale price than a property that’s unfurnished? And does a furnished property sell faster than one that is unfurnished?

The answer to both questions ultimately rests with the seller and with the quality of the property’s furnishing.

Can an already furnished property sell at a better price than an unfurnished property?

All things being equal, the answer to this question should be, “yes.” But as earlier stated, factors such as the preference of the buyer and the quality of the furniture are very influential elements.

For example, concerning a buyer’s preference, a prospective buyer who already has his/her own furniture or a vision concerning how he/she would prefer a home to be furnished might not agree with the sort of furnishing that is in place.

If the buyer already has furniture they’d like to bring in, they will likely reject your property that’s already furnished. Unless of course it so happens that the furniture you already have in place in your property is way better than what the seller already has. In such an instance, the buyer will more than likely opt for the better furnishing that’s already in place and let go of his/her old and lesser-quality furniture.

This means that as a property owner if you intend on using the already furnished nature of your property as a marketing strategy, then you need to ensure the sort of furniture you have installed is of a high quality and, that will appeal to a wide range of prospective buyers.

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Does a furnished property sell faster than an unfurnished one?

As earlier stated, it depends on the sort of furniture you have in place and the sort of buyers that are interested in your property.

For example, if your property is a vacation home, having it already furnished means there’s a higher chance of you selling it faster. This is because people looking to buy or rent vacation homes usually prefer ready-made properties that have everything they’ll need to have a good time in place. Such buyers are looking to have a stress-free, good time and thus will prefer if all they need in a vacation home is already in place.

But if your intention as a seller is to simply offload your old junk furniture on a buyer/next owner, you might have a problem selling the property on time as prospective buyers will likely see such furnishing as unappealing clutter.

It is, for this reason, firms like AHM Furniture Service strongly recommend either replacing old furniture before putting up your furnished property for sale or going for the more economical option of restoring your furniture before selling it.

This is because offering a prospective buyer a property that’s furnished with either damaged or uncomfortable furniture can have more of a negative effect on your property’s value than a positive one.

Benefits of selling your property as a furnished one.

If you offer prospective buyers a well-put-together property that has quality furniture in place, you stand to gain any of the following;

  1. Faster sale. That is, having a furniture design from the right provider is something that can attract the right buyer. Especially if the furnishing is in the right rooms such as the kitchen, bedrooms, and living room.
  2. Higher profit. You get to sell your property at a more profitable sale price and also reduce the cost of having to move furniture out of the property.

Editor’s Note: Depending on your real estate market, it will be rare to find homes for sale that include furnishing. But that’s not the case in every location.