Comparing Home Improvements in Louisville with the Nation

I culled through the official Realtor yearly Making Home Improvements Pay report to see how Louisville compares with the nation. From the look of things, we more than hold our own.

Please note how similar items compare. For example, if you’re planning on replacing your home’s windows. Outside our state you’d be better off with some moderately priced wood windows (85.3% > 84.7%). However, here in Kentucky, the upscale vinyl windows outperform the competition (93.9% > 84.9%).

It’s this kind of useful information that we’re looking to bring you each and every time we post. If you have any questions or topics you’d like us to cover, please let me know!

Costs Recouped

Bathroom (Midrange)80.8%74.9%
Bathroom (Upscale)79.9%72.8%
Family Room73.0%71.5%
Master Suite (Midrange)70.2%72.6%
Master Suite (Upscale)74.4%72.7%
Attic Bedroom85.3%79.9%
Bathroom (Midrange)97.3%84.9%
Bathroom (Upscale)85.3%77.4%
Home Office69.0%63.4%
Kitchen (Midrange)78.0%80.4%
Kitchen (Upscale)77.0%75.8%
Roofing (Midrange)72.4%73.9%
Roofing (Upscale)73.5%72.9%
Siding (Vinyl)104.7%87.2%
Siding (Fiber Cement)97.2%88.0%
Siding (Foam-Backed Vinyl)92.2%83.1%
Windows (Midrange-Wood)84.4%85.3%
Windows (Midrange-Vinyl)84.0%83.7%
Windows (Upscale-Wood)84.9%82.5%
Windows (Upscale-Vinyl)93.9%84.7%