Creating a Spa-Worthy Bathroom in Your Master Suite      

Each bathroom in a home holds a different purpose. The guest bathroom should always be neat, clean, and inviting, but also uncluttered. Of course, you want it to look stylish but it should also be functional. Kids’ bathrooms are usually quite whimsical.

Photo of a spa worthy bathroom
Check out this spa-worthy bathroom! Did you see the jetted tub in the reflection?

But when it comes to the bathroom in your master bedroom, you want it to scream (or, rather, whisper) Zen. It should be your sanctuary for long baths and soothing steams after a long day. But how do you go about making this so? Follow these tips for creating a spa-worthy bathroom in your master suite.

Enjoy it while you live there and relish the re-sell benefits when you move!

Do Your Research

If you’re one of those people who knows exactly what you want from start to finish, you’re in the minority … and might be related to Martha Stewart. Lucky you! Many of us, however, have a general idea of what we want but still need a bit more direction.

Spend some time on websites like Houzz and Pinterest to explore the ways others have made their bathrooms into spa-like retreats. You might even learn how to do much of it yourself. There’s nothing better than finding ways to cut home costs.

Fixate on Your Fixtures and Furniture

You’ve found your dream home but, perhaps, the bathroom falls short of what you’ve envisioned for a spa-like atmosphere. Consider a renovation and, when doing so, make sure to pay attention to what fixtures you choose. Pick things like clear glass. While it’s a lot to maintain (make sure to use a squeegee daily), it goes a long way in creating a spa-like atmosphere.  A bidet from Pirch is a splurge you’ll certainly enjoy.

Add little touches like antique brass handles for the toilet, bath, and vanity. You can even float your vanity instead of putting it right on the floor, as this will add a feeling of spaciousness.  Add warm wood accents or even a slate rock backsplash in your spacious shower area to reach the height of relaxation.

Sinks alone are a perfect way to make your spa-like statement. Gone are the days of boring ceramic sinks built into your vanity. These days, many of them sit atop the vanity for maximum exposure. That’s because they’re often works of art! You can choose them in rectangular or circular shapes, and even add ceramic tiles for an exotic touch.

The centerpiece of the bathroom is definitely the bathtub, especially when trying to create a spa-like atmosphere. Make sure you find one that suits your needs. Whether it’s a true spa tub or an oversized clawfoot tub you found in your favorite antique store, you want this to be your piece de resistance for relaxation. Check out Kohler bathtubs for an amazing addition to your master suite and spend your evenings soaking away those worries.

Ambiance Adds to the Spa-worthy Bathroom

The bathroom fixtures and furniture you have chosen should help with the spa-worthy vibe, but accents can be another way to set the mood. Things like candles, rocks, and plants add a relaxing ambiance that is ripe for a hot bath. You can even put rocks in the sink to simulate the spa atmosphere.

Set some lavender candles along the side of the bath and enjoy their soothing aromatherapy benefits. If you’re really going all-out, have spa-like music piped in through speakers. Who said you have to go to a spa to enjoy its benefits?

Don’t forget the lighting! Soothing lighting can go a long way to make you feel relaxed. There’s nothing worse than lights that are too bright in a bathroom. Save for the bathroom vanity lighting, it should be very subtle to add to the effect. Consider modern, sleek lighting options from a company like Touch of Modern to serve a practical purpose but also become a focal design point of your bathroom.

Try to let in as much natural light as you can. If possible, consider opening up the entire bathroom to the outdoors. You won’t believe what that will do to achieve harmony between yourself and Mother Nature.

Want to create a spa-worthy bathroom in your master suite? Follow these tips. Namaste!