Creating the Perfect Outdoor Entertainment Area

What is your favorite time of the year? Is it during the blazing hot summer months when the weather is perfect for yard parties and warm sultry nights? Perhaps it is during spring when the snow slowly melts away, the rivers rise, and waterfalls roar. Whatever your answer, in this piece we’ll be helping you to construct the perfect outdoor entertainment area!

Photo of an outdoor space with patio furniture and umbrella

You may be one of those people that love the fall when the trees are filled with a variety of colors and the temperatures are crisp and cool. It’s just perfect for invigorating walks, bike rides and even relaxing around a fire pit.

But what about winter? Not everyone loves it but many do! For some, it’s a perfect time to curl up with a good book, cozy up to a fireplace in their cabin home, or enjoy the holidays with their family and friends.

No matter the season, there is always time to enjoy the outdoors with the people dearest to you. So, in today’s article, MTD Property Management shares seven tips on how to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area so as to make those opportunities for enjoying the outdoors even better.

Tip #1: Add a Fire Feature

Photo of a patio with furniture and a fire feature

Nothing beats sharing stories around a roaring fire and roasting marshmallows during the summer months. What’s more, installing a fire feature in your backyard is worthwhile from an investment point of view.

According to the National Association of Landscape Professionals and the National Association of Realtors, you may be able to recoup most (67%) of your installation costs by installing one in your backyard.

Tip #2: Add a Water Feature

Flowing water is not only beautiful to admire, but the sound is very relaxing as well. The following are a couple of ideas to help you in this regard.

  • A bubbling fountain: This is essentially a water feature that’s sited over a large tank of water that houses the pump producing the fountain. Done properly, it can not only bring the sound of nature to your yard but also help attract more wildlife to your yard.
  • Recirculating fountain: This water feature recirculates a portion or all of the drained fluid from the volume with the help of a pump.
  • A mini pond: This can also help add a dimension of beauty to your garden.
  • A birdbath: This is certainly the easiest way to add a water feature to your backyard. You are guaranteed to find the perfect one to suit your tastes, as they usually come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Tip #3: Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Photo of a covered patio with an outdoor kitchen

Just as your kitchen is the heart of your home, an outdoor one will also be the heart of your outdoor entertainment space.

It can be an excellent addition to your property for several reasons. Including, expanding the overall size of your living space, providing your guests with more room to mingle and relax, and hosting those summer barbecues with your friends and family.

Not to mention that chances are high that the outdoor kitchen will increase the value of your home.

Tip #4: Light Up Your Outdoor Area

This is also something that you will need to consider when creating the perfect outdoor entertainment area. Outdoor lighting can help bring your outdoors to life, highlight certain features, and add an element of safety.

If you have young children at home, consider building them their own backyard playground, complete with a fun gaga ball pit, swing set, slides, and other playground amenities. Play is vital to children’s development and giving them a happy childhood, so invest in building a fun and safe play area for your kids. You could put this under the lights so the kids can even use it at night!

Don’t forget your front yard. Amp up your curb appeal by adding lighting to the steps or sidewalk portions of your yard. There are so many great lighting options these days that it’s a lot easier to find something that will work for your home and budget.

Tip #5: Consider Building Seating Areas

Photo of a festival garden with lots of seating

If you truly want to enjoy your outdoor space, good outdoor seating is important. One simple way to do this is by building benches to existing walls to create long-lasting versatility. Another way is by building a restful place in the shade of your trees.

Arrange them in a way that you are able to see and hear everyone and don’t forget to apply some colorful rugs or cushions to inject a touch of style and color.

Tip #6: Consider Installing a Deck

Do you enjoy spending time outdoors? If you do, then consider installing a wood deck. This can either be attached or detached, and will provide you with the perfect spot for entertaining, sunbathing, and grilling. Creating new summer grilling recipes will be a great idea to make your summer more fun with family and friends. 

You have many options to consider when it comes to choosing decking materials. Preferably, choose a composite one. Composite materials are beautiful, durable, and strong.

Tip #7: Reinvigorate Your Landscape

Photo of an outdoor garden

As you plan to create the perfect outdoor entertainment area, don’t forget the landscape design. You can do so by doing various things. For example, add a rock garden with easy-to-care-for succulents, plant low-maintenance native plants, and use a lawn to create a functional green space.

There you have it—seven tips on how to create a perfect outdoor entertainment area. Just remember to hire the right people for the work.

Tre Pryor, Realtor

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