Derby Rental Homes Is Big Money

Are you looking for a home to rent for Derby? Are you thinking about renting your home during Derby? You’ve come to the right place! Well, not this place but we’ll get you there.

Photo of home in Crescent Hill, Louisville Derby Rental Homes
Your home doesn’t have to be near the track or a luxury mansion in order to be a Derby rental home, it just needs to be available.

Derby rental homes are big business! And only getting bigger. Heck, renting homes during any big sporting event, such as the PGA Golf Tournament can get you some quick cash.

Some of the higher-end properties are getting as much as $20,000 for a week!

Best Derby Rental Homes Websites

  • Louisville Derby Rentals:
    This website has been around for a while and as of now, there are 45 homes listed as available for rent during Derby.
    Fees: Must register to learn. (Update: Looks like this site is no longer active.)
  • Louisville Vacation Home:
    We’ve got 38 homes currently listed for rent for Derby 2015. Many are already reserved, you’ll have to click each to find out.
    Fees: 20% plus a 1-time setup fee of $50 if under 14 days
  • Vacation Rental By Owner (VRBO):
    This is a fast, national site that can also be used for derby home rentals via the time available feature. There are 97 current listings.
    Fees: 3 Plans starting at $349/year.
  • Airbnb:
    Another national player is working in this niche. With 536 options, they are including apartments and other short-term spots.
    Fees: Must register to learn.
  • craigslist:
    The Granddad of online rental postings, craigslist can be used to rent your home during Derby as well.
    Fees: Free!

Hopefully one of these options will serve in your search for Derby rental homes!

If you’re thinking about renting your Louisville home, keep in mind, that just because your home isn’t near Churchill Downs doesn’t mean there’s not someone out there who would love to rent it for the event.

Note: It’s important to keep in mind that you should certainly be careful what valuables you leave on the property while you’re away. Double-check with your insurance company to see if you might need additional coverage to your standard homeowner’s policy.