Forbes Says Two Top Small Biz Companies Call Louisville, Lexington Home

Came across this article today, America’s Best Small Companies In 2010, where a couple of Kentucky businesses are impressing the powers that be.

Large machine recycling metal

Coming in at #15 is Tempur-Pedic International which happens to be based in Lexington.

Louisville’s own Industrial Services of America lands in the Top 10 at #8. When people go green, ISA (and Louisville by relation) wins!

Here is the Forbes write-up:

In 1969 this Louisville, Ky., outfit became the first public company in the garbage industry. Last year it generated $1.7 million in revenue per employee. Its recycling business segment, focused on stainless steel and scrap metal, accounts for 95% of revenue. Shares of the company are up 157% over the past year.