Green Louisville Home Builders on the Rise

I think it’s safe to say that Green is the new Black and that’s not likely to change. But many green products are very costly and their benefit to the environment is relatively small. So, how do we decide which ones make the most sense?

GREEN certified and Energy Star certified home in Briar Hill
This Briar Hill home in Oldham County is Energy Star certified and it is currently for sale. | Photo: Tre Pryor

Leigh A. Poltrock is an attorney in Pittsburgh who published a piece called Going Green Without Going Broke. It’s directed at people thinking about incorporating green building practices and products into their new homes. There’s a myriad of government programs and incentives centered around energy efficiency in today’s homes that clever consumers can benefit from. This section especially caught my eye:

For an increase of up to 5 percent in development costs, studies have shown that buildings could use 30 percent to 50 percent less energy to heat and cool, 20 percent less electricity, and 10 percent to 20 percent less water. This equates to savings often far exceeding the 5 percent initial premium.

If you’re looking to custom-build an energy-efficient home, green Louisville home builders are increasing. Here are three that have great reputations: Landis Homes, Kimbel Construction, and Thoroughbred Homes.

Also, John Morris with Kentucky Quality Homes is one of the few local builders who builds with insulating concrete forms (ICF) which is very energy-efficient and has increased strength against severe storms and tornadoes. Here’s a clip on his building process from FoxNews.

If you’re not planning a move but want to green-up your current home, posts simple tips daily to help you go green and spend less. Switching light bulbs is easy (and obvious) but they have a large amount of helpful advice, as well.