High Tech Toys Entice Homebuyers in Louisville

There is so much that goes into a home-buying decision. With Homearama 2007 starting in just a few short weeks, I know many people (hey guys… this means you!) are thinking about new home theater options or another cool technology that you might want to incorporate into your home.

Photo of a Home Theater
Home Theater is hot! One of the leading high-tech toys for home buyers.

Amy Hoack has put together a nice little piece called Top High-Tech Toys for Hip Homeowners. The article lists the “top 10 ‘must have’ technology trends for homes at the recent International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Fla.” Great stuff! It’s also good to know that as certain technologies become more mainstream prices drop, which is great for consumers.

Here in Louisville, many consider Ovation our local experts in the field of audio/video solutions for your home. I’m sure they’ll have a healthy presence at this year’s Homearama. BestBuy, Circuit City, and hhgregg are also great places to shop and compare prices for home electronics.