Home Design Trends of 2015

Are you curious about the latest home design trends of 2015? You can get the scoop here, and then plan any future home renovations or updates accordingly.

Photo of an outdoor kitchen

Backyard Kitchens

Porches and patios have always been popular, so that’s nothing new. In the past, it wasn’t uncommon for homeowners to place picnic tables, benches, and barbecues out in their backyards for occasional use.

What’s different for 2015: ordinary patios are becoming more livable, and fully equipped backyard kitchens are gaining in popularity. Nowadays, people are consciously putting effort into designing backyard spaces that are as comfortable as their indoor spaces.

Consumers are also making greater use of these outdoor spaces for entertaining and everyday living.

Living Space for the Whole Family

In decades past, single-family homes were the norm in the USA. Nowadays, single-family homes do remain popular, but Americans are finding it necessary to eke more space out of them.

High school and even college graduates are remaining at home longer, so there are fewer empty nesters around than there were in times past. Also, some families are opting to take care of their aging parents and grandparents at home. With multiple generations living in the same space, the result has been an increased demand for home renovations such as attic bedrooms, basement remodels, mother-in-law suites, and second-story additions.

Office Space at Home

In the first few months of 2015, official US Department of Labor statistics indicates that there has been a slight decrease in the unemployment rate. Despite this bit of good news, there are still many unemployed people — an increasing percentage of which have stopped looking for jobs. Instead, significant numbers of these displaced workers have begun freelancing, consulting, and starting other home-based businesses.

This trend is resulting in a greater demand for office space at home. There are also increased opportunities for purveyors of bargain-priced, functional office furniture — and for compact home office furniture that can be squeezed into already-furnished spaces.

Open Floor Plans

Open interior spaces are a carryover trend from years past, and they are still going strong for 2015.

So that’s the scoop on some of 2015’s latest home design trends. Now you’re better equipped to evaluate the current appeal of the home designs you see around, and also to make sure your own updates stay on-trend.

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